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Yesterday, 11:06
This is Ace! Mommy * Daddy had to help him go to Rainbow bridge Monday.He was 15,blind & dying from cancer. He was Poochie's buddy their together at Rainbow bridge now.
Yesterday, 11:04
Congrats Wilbur!
Yesterday, 09:04
Good morning everyone.
We are getting another late start on our blogs today because Mama had to lie down and take a nap after her eye doctor appointment and getting me out for my walk.
We did get to see Harry this morning.
Then after Mama had her nap, it was time to feed us and then shed had to call for a ride to her appointment on Monday afternoon.
So now she can finally help us get our blogs written.
We are planning to go to DLS. Mama hated that she had to miss her pet chat last night and our getting to DLS because she lost her keyboard.
Uncle Jack got her a brand new one and she is going to pay him back as soon as all her doctor's appointments are over and she can make sure she has the money.
In DLS, our New York kitty friends, Sushi and Sashi have planned a trip to Chinatown for us. That will be a lot of fun.
I hope everyone has a great day.
Good morning everyone.
Mama fed us a few minutes early today. I think she felt bad that she had to leave us again this morning.
She has to go tomorrow to the foot doctor and have him check her infected leg.
Then Monday she sees her Cardiologist in the morning and gets her mammogram on Monday afternoon.Wow! She sure has to go to the doctors a lot.
Tonight in DLS, we will take classes in Chinese music and dancing. Woohoo! I love to dance. I don't think there is anyone who doesn't like to dance of our friends.
I hope everyone has a great day.
Good morning everyone.
I am looking forward to seeing Angel Crystal and Dachedo tonight and having a fun time with everyone.
We will be learning to write Chinese Characters and have yummy Chinese food. Mama says she loves egg rolls.
We will watch the girls puut on kimonos and do a fan dance for us. I can't wait.
I hope everyone has a great day.
Good morning from the Rainbow Bridge.
This morning for breakfast we are having omelettes and biscuits and gravy.
Then I will be having a cooking lesson here on making jam.
Our lunch will be peanut butter and homemade jam sandwiches and sugar cookies.
This afternoon I will go over and watch the badminton tournament and cheer on the teams.
Then dinner will be catfish and hushpuppies.
And we will have strawberry shortcake around the campfire tonight.
Good morning from the Rainbow Bridge.
We have a couple of new arrivals to introduce this morning: Friday we had the arrival of Tobias the Chihuahua and Saturday wehad the arrival of Misty the Pug who is the sister of Primrose the Sweet Pug.
Welcome toyou both and we are sending our condolences to your grieving families.
We have a busy day here today at Little Angels Summer camp.
After breakfast Nakita and I will be having a hike up the mountain with whoever wants to get some fresh mountain air and exercise. For those who don't, Matia is teaching jam making in the kitchen. You will be making some delicious flavors for us to try.
After lunch we have a badminton tournament with Jax Kitty or you can come bird watching with Nakita and me. Remember it is bird watching and not bird chasing. Heehee.
We will have a little bit of a party this afternoon because we have one angelversary to celebrate. Our little black Chihuahua Phoebe Bebe has been here one year today.
Then after dinner we will have a bgreat time around the campfire with singing and storytelling and strawberry shortcake before our showers.
Our bedtime story tonight will be by Millie the Maltese.
Good morning everyone.
We are getting another late start on our blogs today because Mama had to lie down and take a nap after her eye doctor appointment and getting me out...See more
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