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Yesterday, 07:40
Wags wags wags
boss dog
Yesterday, 02:00
well i say hi ya xxxx
Dec 15
Hi we are finale on the site and mums working it out anyone welcome to add us we came over from youpet so if anyfriends can add us from there also would be great
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we are originally from bird channel where we lost ... more
I'm Trixie...the queen of our house & I'll be ... more
TrixieandNiceCrew Yesterday, 06:37
My BREED is TURKISH VAN. I was hit by a vehicle in... more

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bar dogs
Do you want to lick the spoon Fang xxx
Tia Angle Buddy William Yesterday, 16:13
Made our pond a tad deep Dont use the letter P
jakey Yesterday, 07:32
jakey Yesterday, 07:31

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christmas photo contest, win a real trophy
win a real trophy like the one pictured engraved with your pets name, just upload a christmas themed...
fang Nov 6

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congrats to kookie on pet of the week profile tanya stark