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we are working on our earthday badge. so we planted saturday.
we gots our dirt.

we got our seeds dill+parsley+chives and our lilies.

lilies planted.

parsley +dill and chives planted  oh and peas too
susie+ashley Apr 22 · Comments: 5
We like trees, especially those that have fallen.

It dose make us a bit sad, but think of all that wouldn't happen if they didn't fall down.

Wow look at all them!

This is the path that takes us to our favorite tree of all. It lays on it's side, but it's still full of life! It grows and grows and grows!
We Three Apr 22 · Comments: 2

I was a doctoral student, living in Indiana, when I met Finn. It was in January, 8 at night, 20 below zero outside and several feet of snow on the ground. While sitting on my couch watching TV, I looked over to the sliders to the patio and saw the most beautiful but terribly emaciated cat looking in at me. I knew this guy needed immediate help. I put on my coat, grabbed some food, and ran outside to see if I could coax him inside. He was very frightened and hid under a car, making odd sounds and unwilling to allow me near to him. I put out food and water and waited for him to eat. Then I refilled his bowl and let him know I would help him in anyway possible. I kept feeding him twice a day over the next few weeks, but he would not allow me to get close to him. Finally, one day we literally bumped into each other on the walkway outside my building. He backed off a few feet but didn't run away. I crouched down, held out my hand and waited. After about 30 minutes of looking at each other, he finally approached me and let me pet him. It was instant bonding and we have been inseparable ever since. He has been the most loving, amazing cat I could ever imagine. It is now 10 years later, my doctorate long-since finished, and Finn and I have moved to a different part of the country. But Finn always sleeps next to me in bed and I tell him every night how lucky I am to have been adopted by such a special kitty.

Katrin W Carlson
Easthampton, MA

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we try to go every year. we see all different doxies like us. the had it at the humain socitry this year and they had weiner races . me susie and my pawents were so proud of ashley. she has never ever raced and the other doggies in the race did. what they do is take 4-5 doxies and race them. the one who wins goes to the next race against all the winners of that race.  then there is a race for the ones won those races. well ashley won the first and got to compete in the next race against the other winners. she didnt make it to the 2nd level but we was so proud of her for making it the first time. we had no picture cause daddy had to be on one end so ashley could go to mommy and ashley didnt do it for treats like the others.our costume took second place at doxie fest, we won a ribbon. we was so happy for the doxie heidi who won first she was a covered wagon she had a disabilty.we was so happy for her.

there was ashley lookalikes

this is our ribbon for second place in the doxie fest costume contest

there was booths with cool stuff and food trucks mommy said their food was so good.and we got in the weiner mobile..they had raffles to we won one to.there was so much loot in that basket too.

we was so tires after we didnt even wake up with the wind in our hair  bol

susie+ashley Apr 18 · Comments: 6
saturday we went to a easter egg hunt at the blue hen bed and breakfest for paws for people in delaware. we try to go every year , we see friends there and see the easter bunny and enter costume contest.  we saw izzy and her mommy+daddy. and we saw daisy grace and precious and lots of old friends and new .we won first place this year for the costume contest. we won a stuffed kitty and we hunted easter eggs.

signing in and waiting for the hunt

our friend izzy withe the bunny

us and the bunny

getting judges in the costume contest.we won a stuffed kitty for 1st place

daisy grace and precious and  their daddy mr kevin

the hunt


we had to park past a graveyard to get to the blue hen.. so we had to walk past it

tired on the way home
susie+ashley Apr 18 · Comments: 3
boss dog
Lisa sponserd a dog called sam from the dogs trust charity back in 2oo7 . In 2oo8 sam the dog sent lisa valentine  card and in the card i said i you would like to see more picures of me please come to www.doggy snaps . com . So lisa went have a look and when she did she said" we can join if you want we had Shadow and Shadow was 5 at the time . We join and started making good friends on there doggy snaps was run by the dogs trust . We liked the way people wrote about there dogs we had partys on there Shadow even got married on there it was a real good site .

 lisa took over a contest called laydee of the month it was meant to be a fun contest and it was until one winner got to big for her boots by this time James had stared to write storys which most of you have read he even wrote a book based on doggy snaps and wrote a story called the ds fatcor and made two new characters they are called Knasher and Fang .To big for boots and husband done pic and videos for the story . To big for boots and husband  then caused the site so much drama and upset it was the end of the site (doggysnaps)then it declined, and eventually closed,   the to big for boots winner caused a lot of trouble then started her own site what is called Brickies village and use my  character Knasher as their ed  which we were silly enough to join, her and her husband were controlling and when we found dogpawfile they went mad and hated us going there and we were booted off thier site and they told lie after lie, they have done this now to at least three more people that we know of,

well back to dogpawfile we found the site and what a refreshing site it was everyone was welcoming, we made friends also with the owner of dpf who you know as mr khan and paul, well paul wanted to change dpf as the format it was on was limited he wanted everything in one place so he started the site again on the wall fm platform, then he became very busy with work, another ex member tried and failed with her own site and came creeping back and pestered paul to migrate the site to oxwall and run it on her server space eventually he gave in, she was fine for a few weeks  on the outside any way, she then changed server host, but not long after she disappeared, we were stuck we could not move the site forward or back, paul agreed to change the name of the site to reflect all pets are welcome, and he handed the site to me and fang as he was just to busy, well when she found out she destroyed the site which you know about anyway, we got the site back up and running with its new name and all was fine again until a month ago when the server guy did a runner and left us with nothing, so we restarted the site from scratch

paws hooves and claws will be online for ever and is always here for you to share stories etc about your pet, we would like to thank everyone for making the site what it is a fun place to be and we would love this site to grow and grow and we know how big this site gets it will never loss if friendliness and all ways the best site to be thank you all xxx 

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Rangoon Apr 10 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 6
I am a very proud cat right now! 

Last Monday - all of a sudden- I was strapped into harness and imprisoned in the carrier. I thought we were going to the V.E.T. So I meowed a little in the car. When we stopped and i was let out of the car - Holy Cat! I didn't know the place at all. We were not in town but in the wilderness. No dogs! Wide fields fragrant with flowers and fresh grass, a little forest.

I know how to walk on leash -I learnt it when I was a kitten, but couldn't use this skill, since with Grant around I was not safe out on leash. And I wasn't afraid! I explored everything: the fields, the road and a little it of the forest. I liked it best - I am a Norwegian Forest Cat not or nothing!

Only Mom didn't want to get further in - she was afraid to trip on a stone, or to entangle herself in my leash or that I'd climb on a tree and she wouldn't be able to get me down. But I behaved very wise.

My hope that this first time won't be the last! I'd like to return to this place or maybe even see new ones.

You can judge for yourselves, how well I behaved

Rangoon Apr 10 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 11
bar dogs
I had a little Birthday Party , just me Buddy mum & dad , We had so much fun playing with my new Birthday toy's , I got a new ball & a chicken leg toy that squeaks , I also got a nice fresh bone from the butcher with lots of meet on it , but I ate it before mum could get a pic of me copping on it , as soon as mum give me my  chicken leg toy I run into the bedroom & up on the bed with it so Buddy could not take it of me , I let him play with the ball , he was naughty he chewed it up but I still have my chicken leg toy I like stepping on it & making it squeak , hehe
tiabuddy Apr 10 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 11
omd now she put tails on us

front of our bonnets
back of bonnets

susie+ashley Apr 7 · Comments: 7
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