christmas photo contest, win a real trophy


Date & time Nov 6 '17
Event ends Jan 10
any part of the site
Creator fang

Who's attending

boss dog
bar dogs


win a real trophy like the one pictured engraved with your pets name, just upload a christmas themed picture of your pet, as many as you wish, as long as it is christmas, your pet can dress up or be in a christmas scene anything you like, photoshop, imikimi is fine too 

The Wall

Dec 19 '17
The Count Down Begins...
bar dogs
Dec 21 '17
Merry Christmas Phc xxx
bar dogs
Dec 22 '17
Dashing in the snow over to PHC Laughing all the way , Hay ! Giggle Bells Giggle Bells giggle all the way , Hay !
Dec 23 '17
Settling in for a long winter's nap!
Dec 31 '17
Waiting for Santa Bird to come...
Jan 9
Just think - it will be Christmas again before you know it!!!!
Feb 15
Who won the Christmas photo contest? Just curious.
Feb 16
I must apologise, but fangs writer Dad passed away and we have had a stressful two months, we will rerun the contest with a summer theme starting in April, again I must apologise as there were some beautiful photos
Feb 19
Oh no, we are very sorry to hear about Fang's Dad. Our condolences to that family on their loss.
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