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shadowbobbi Mar 4 '14

the smugglers inn pub run by buddy and tia

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Becks the sheepdog Mar 5 '14
Phew glad to be back.
I don't know what went wrong, but last night I watched Fang eat a massive pile of pancakes as everyone assumed the pancake party had been cancelled.
Whilst we've been away they've redecorated the bar and will be putting the pictures up later.
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the pancakes were so yummy chef Meggsy
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Smugglers Inn News

we will have a big party here on the weekend to celebrate

our lovely new pet site

boss dog
fang Mar 6 '14
after eating his  surprise bags fang ran in poured him self a drink and drank it and ran out again hehehehe
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We know you left muddy paw prints from the front door & out the back door
TeddyandSidney Mar 6 '14
*Scooby dons Forensic Suit and photographs Fangs pawprints as evidence*
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good one Scooby Waite till Chef Meggsy get's here Fang is in for it  
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We have renewed our Licker Licence

Wine tasting pets tonight  

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our new Licker Licence
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Smugglers Inn News

our new weekly comps start on Monday

please enter our comps random gifts r given  

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Smugglers Inn News

We have Positions Vacant

our Village is growing every day you can be apart of our village

by applying  for one of our Vacancy

Apply Here !  

Rangoon Mar 13 '14
I'd like to know what are the obligations of the pet librarian and the Church pet.

Could you make a job description?

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Rangoon you would make a great Librarian

job help pets find the book they r looking for check the book in & out make sure pets return books after they have read them !

the Church position Has Been Fill by Suga & Bree

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Deejay Louie jack , we r just having one job per family so other pets get a chance of a job

So just pick one job you would like to do thanks xx

Rangoon Mar 14 '14
are you sure I won't need a sharp dog assistant in case some dog or cat wouldn't want bring a book back?
bar dogs
Rangoon , Saba can be your assistant in the Library
Rangoon Mar 15 '14
thank you - It might be a good idea to have on big dog as a body guard. Besides, Sana is quite knowledgeable about cat books and cook books.
Kenny says, "I vote for Rangoon as Smuggler's Inn Village Librarian. What a terrific idea. And, yeah, I think a big dog might be needed in case a pet didn't want to bring a book back. Dooli is always late bringing his books back. Frankly, I don't think he really reads them. He'd rather be barking in the backyard. Or he reads books about the stock exchange." xoxoxo 
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Welcome to Smugglers Inn Grand Opening St Patricks Day Party

Your Master of Celebrations for tonight is Buddy

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