photo of the month for january is willie and val | Forum

boss dog
fang Jan 4 '15
boss dog
fang Jan 4 '15
well done to willie and val xxxxxxxxx
TeddyandSidney Jan 4 '15
A duo of pure beauty !
We Three Jan 4 '15
OOOO thanks both of you!!!
bar dogs
AngelFinn Feb 21 '15
good job!

ruby Feb 21 '15
congrats pawsome pic of the pretty girls 
T. J. Jan 7
Sissy Jan 8
Pawsome pic!!!
Congratulations Willie and Val, for winning Photo of the Month!  You two are very colorful as well 
Where does a kitty or doggie go to enter the contest? 
bar dogs
This is an Old contest , It's NO longer running xxx
boss dog
fang Jan 8
would you like me to bring this back xxx

We are mew here and still learning the site. Momma's not into blogging near as much as she used to when she had us kitties on Cat Channel. Since losing Pappoose in April 2012 and then Rhoamin in August 2016, Momma has lost interest in blogging for us cuz they were her favorites and she still has a sad heart.

So, after this has been xplained, the answer to bringing back the contest, we will leave that up to you.