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boss dog
fang Mar 25 '15
yipeee im in the money the ladies will like me now hehehehe  
AngelFinn Mar 27 '15
Next week ,the Bank will be closed from April 1 through the holiday. Teller Finn will be on hoilday.   Any banking needs to be done prior tot his date.  Thank you.
bar dogs
come to do some banking before the bank is closed for Easter , didn't have time to count it Teller Finn
AngelFinn Mar 30 '15
Hi Tiabuddy , that is alright we have a machine that counts the money.  
skippy roo May 26 '15
Me wants to bank me pocket money , Teller Finn
AngelFinn Jul 8 '15
sorry , I have not been doing my duties as bank teller so well.  I have been off due to internet issues and health issues but I am feeling better now and hopefully we will be back with internet soon.  
ruby Jul 8 '15
no worries Finn, I keeping all pocket money under my bed, until you're back

AngelFinn Jul 9 '15
Thanks Ruby!!
AngelFinn Nov 27 '15
 The bank is open extra hours today so all the shoppers can get access to their Christmas Club money!!!
TeddyandSidney Jan 3 '18
We need to pop to the Bank today as we got extra pocket money for tidying up around the house for Mommy
bar dogs
It's Monday Morning pop into the bank xxx
cookie Jan 15 '18
Can I open an account ?
bar dogs
Hello Cookie , would you like a every day bank account 

We also have a Christmas club account ! xxx

boss dog
fang Jan 16 '18
here is my monthly deposit 
cookie Jan 16 '18
Don't need a Christmas Club account . . . do you offer a toy account ?
bar dogs
we give free money box with every new account Cookie xxx
cookie Jan 17 '18
Cardboard ?  I love to shred
TeddyandSidney Jan 17 '18
We got some more pocket money to Bank
AngelFinn May 10 '18
 The bank is open for business.  
bar dogs
yay nice to see you here Angel Finn , hugs xxx
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