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boss dog
fang May 19 '14
miss skip is licking his ******** again miss hehehehehe
skippy roo May 19 '14
Miss , Fang just done a bump in the class room POO it stinks running out for fresh air haha
boss dog
fang May 20 '14
miss Sniff tell me its kangaroo poo miss,That's why skip ran out his nappy must be full so he has hoped off home so his mummy can change it hehehehehehed
Rangoon May 20 '14
telltales - both of you!
Memphis Bella May 21 '14
Okay you two that's enough lol. Be nice to one another or I'll be forced to separate you
skippy roo May 22 '14

Miss Fang stated it

Fang got fleas every one don't go near him your get nits nana nana Fang 

put your paws up me is going to box your ears hahaha  

Memphis Bella May 24 '14
okay Skippy Roo that's enough.  Now who would like to go up to the board and answer these questions. What is a marsupial? What is the name given to a group of kangaroos? Which country features the Kangaroo on their coat of arms?
Rangoon May 28 '14
hi,hi - Skipy Roo - cat's got your tongue?
skippy roo May 28 '14

me still got me tongue , the cat's got Fangs tongue cos he has it out all the time haha

Me know OZ ! me is clever haha

Memphis Bella Jun 18 '14
Yes you are very clever skippy Roo. Does anyone have any questions?
bar dogs
The 4th of July is Coming , Miss we should have some Questions for this event
Rangoon Jul 3 '14
are we having a summer term?
skippy roo Jul 22 '14
Dear Teacher , Me has left school now has me got job 1 me is the new barman at Smugglers Inn
bar dogs

Teacher , some of your puppy students r being naughty

please teach them to stay out of the bins out back of Smugglers Inn    

Rangoon Sep 12 '14
what about the autumn term in the school?
Memphis Bella Sep 13 '14
This autumn we will be learning about geography. Our first assignment for the semester is to tell the class a little about the area you live in. Who would like to go first?
Rangoon Sep 14 '14
this is interesting. Hope, the teacher won't ask us about statistics or economy
Memphis Bella Sep 14 '14
Don't worry Rangoon. The teacher hates statistics so she won't be asking about that. Just to get us started off. We live in the state of New York. We live in a small village surrounded by hills, water falls, and fields. The closest mountains are the Catskill mountains which were made famous by the book rip van winkle by Washington Irving and the adirondack mountains. The closest city is Albany which is the capital of New York and has the best dog parks and pet shops.
Rangoon Oct 25 '14
We live in France, in a little village not far away from the Swiss border - our nearest  "big" town is Geneva (Switzerland), where a lot of French go to work. Geneva is the European place of the UN (before II WW was also the siege of the Ligue of Nations) and of the International Red Cross - both sites can be visited. Also important place for Calvinists.

Our village is situated between the mountain chains of Jura and the Alps. A very little and ancient village that had it best times in the 13th century (had 4 times more  population than today). Around us are hilly fields and small forests with wild animals. And we see big mountains from every place - the Mont Blanc included.

We enjoy fairly mild climate - inspite of the mountains. As typical for France, almost every village or small town had its own vine and cheese. Some of them are very good even if not internationally known, for they don't travel well.

Also from the area comes the most famous French poultry - Chicken de Bresse, a big chicken with blue feet, delicious but expensive.

Meggsy, our esteemed village cook, would be interested to know, that the author of the first French cook book ever, Brillat-Savarin, was also a child of our region.

boss dog
fang Mar 13 '15
i liked that xxxxx

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