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cookie Feb 8
fur and feathers tumble to the floor giggling until they see the TEACHER round the corner !  Uh oh
Quick sit quietly at your desks and read a book
cookie Feb 11
pssst . . . Teddy - you have your book upside down !
Oooh crikey !!!!
cookie Feb 13
Cookie works hard on his science test
When's lunch break?
cookie Feb 20
Look in my lunch bag guys !  Cheese balls !
Oooh WOWZERS we love cheese balls and cheese in general
cookie Mar 10
and root beer hidden in a juice box
You are a pawsome friend
cookie Apr 18
when's class trip day ?
FAaaaaaaang when's Class Trip day in the Mystery Bus!!
cookie Apr 20
and where are we going to ?
bar dogs
We will have to do another bus tour soon xx 
cookie Apr 30
I have my Batman lunch box packed for the trip
And we have our Pirate swag bag full of pup cakes
*Teddy and Sidney secure padlock on school door*
cookie Nov 17
When's vacation start ?
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