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Rangoon Mar 29 '15
Bother, I see, we should find some Easter books, but I never heard of any.

And Scooby will want some new garden books as well.

Rangoon had his paws full recently - some friends arrived at the Rainbow and he had to elcome them.

I'm no reader.


Rangoon Mar 29 '15
Hi,Fang, got something even without Rangoon. A movie 

An Easter Bunny Puppy,  from 2013


The DogWho Saved Easter, from 2014

and some children books for dogs and cats:

1.Cliffords First Easter, Clifford's Happy Easter by Norman Bridwell

2.The Kittens and the Easter Bunny, by Finley Keller

3.Chestnut's Easter Discovery by Kimberly Mincer

3.Easter Dogs and Cats - A Picture Easter Book for Children, by Rachael Poole

Seems to me, movies are best.


skippy roo May 26 '15
Me is learning lots about brewing from the library book you have here
Rangoon Jun 28 '15
good for you, Skippy Roo -  I am happy to know that you've learned to read 
These gardening books from the library will be useful for spring
cookie Jan 15
shhhhh . . . 
Sorrrrryyyyyyyyy, we will be quiet
cookie Jan 20
Cookie nods to Teddy and Sidney and gets back to his studies on toothpick making . . . 
Thank you for the gardening books *Teddy and Sidney tiptoe quietly out*
We need to renew our library books today!
cookie Jan 29
Cookie heads to the library to look for a book on toy making 
Hey Cookie what ya gonna make?
cookie Jan 31
I love to shred paper so I'm checking into origami books - maybe if I learn how to make boats I can take them to the pond !
The baby ducks will like that idea
cookie Feb 1
wanna help ?
Ooh yes pawlease we would love to help
cookie Feb 5
Ok, we need paper first . . . and let's all pick a figure to make together
Can we make paper ducks??
cookie Feb 8
hmmmm . . .  how about swans ?  Here's a picture of how to
Swans will be coooooool
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