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cookie Feb 11
Come on guys !  Let's take our swans to the pond and see if they float !
here we go !!
cookie Feb 13
we could race them across the pond !  
We got a trophy we can use
cookie Feb 20
I'm returning the origami book and looking for one on how to build a boat - then we can all sail on the pond too !
Rangoon Feb 20
I am afraid, Cookie, that the books about ship building are meant for humans only, but you can always use some other water tight object to sail on the pond

Will have to put our thinking caps on
cookie Mar 10
I have a swan floatie - would that work ?
Pawsome idea a Swan floatie will be pawfect.
cookie Apr 30
and if we sit reaaaal still, we can all fit !
PAWSOME plan Cookie, it's working
cookie Aug 1
rainy weather coming in . . . I'm looking for a good book
Think there is a good selection in here we get our gardening books here
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