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bar dogs
All inside now as the Fire works start
ruby Jul 4 '14
great food there Meggsy, another steak thanks

blue20 Jul 4 '14

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blue20 Jul 4 '14
blue20 Jul 4 '14
blue20 Jul 4 '14
Rangoon Jul 4 '14
well, I am always in the mood for food - even more now, after the tiring thunderstorm and the Germany-France match. The humans were shrieking like crazy! Please, Gimme a stiff drink!


Rangoon Jul 4 '14
I am not much of the drinking kind - a piece of cake, please. - Grant
Rangoon Jul 4 '14
Wow, the BBQ is on?  A big steak, please - well, 2 of them, I'm sure Saba will want one, once she's recovered from her emotions.

And a drink for Shadow - i hope, she'll accept my invitation.


Rangoon Jul 4 '14
I'd like a short dip in the pool - with a drink, please - Sherman
shadowbobbi Jul 4 '14
we will have some burgers from the bbq, a drink please
I would like a little drinkie phoo, if possible. I don't like all the loud noises going on outside my home. I'm scared. Dooli says he'll protect me, but I'm still scared. Mom has been picking me up on and off today and that makes me a little better. I just wish all the noises would stop.
MAN! I'm HUNGRY!! I've been outside barking at all the noise out there, so I'll take a prime rib, some steak, an a few burgers, all rare please. I'll wash it down with some Summer Shandy! Thanks! Gotta go bark some more! xoxoxo 

AngelFinn Jul 7 '14
Bank Teller Finn here to pick up your money from the long holiday weekend.  It was a great 4th party!  
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Becks the sheepdog Jul 10 '14
Phew, July 4th was hard work, but now we're getting ready for the World Cup Final between Argentina and Germany. So it'll be the beef ribs versus the Bratwurst, their wines against the German beers, and enough snacks to even keep Fang's appetite at bay.
AngelFinn Jul 11 '14
WOW! that will be a wild party!
Becks the sheepdog Jul 12 '14
We hope you've enough nibbles for tonight's match, I'm sure you'll manage.
bar dogs
Chef Meggsy , can you make food for our site 1st Birthday on the 18th big party in the pub
skippy roo Jul 14 '14

Come to the pub have a drink with the one & only Skippy Roo

Me has made some home brew will put hairs on your chest fair dinkum !  

Okay, Skippy Roo! Us Shelties will have a drink. Kenny would like a pretty pink drink with some fizz, and a pretty umbrella, and I would like a tall beer please. Thank you! Better get some snacks too. Kenny's a lightweight! xoxoxo   
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