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Becks the sheepdog Jul 18 '14
Skippy seems to have had a few too many already. Hmm. Nice citrus bite to it, a hint of eucalyptus and a nice bitter finish. I think we've found something Skippy can do well - might we appoint him as our head brewer (so long as he doesn't drink too much of it himself)?
Rangoon Jul 18 '14
I like the vine glasses with cats on. Please, gimme drink in one of them - but none of this Skipy brew - we have to fly back to the Rainbow….

Rangoon and Sherman

Rangoon Jul 18 '14
- OK, before we indulge ourselves in drink, I'd like to dance with Shadow.


Rangoon Jul 18 '14
- Fang, I hope you'll invite me for an anniversary drink -


Rangoon Jul 18 '14
Meow - I'd like to toast all PFC cats and some of the dogs as well


ruby Jul 18 '14
Finn and I  danced the night away

The Forum post is edited by ruby Jul 18 '14
Happy Birthday PHC!!! We are so glad we met you all!!  We love all our friends here and from Rainbow Bridge too. Those gift bags and glasses look so nice and pretty.    xoxox
Kenny says,"There's our Guardian Angel Buddy!Lookit! There he is, my sweet Angel Valentine. See, Buddy? I'm making a toast to you. Here's to you Buddy. I'm going to be good here until I come up there with you and all our friends. I'll be good. Most of the time..." xoxox xoxox 
Jenna Pooh Jul 18 '14
Did I miss Skippy Roo? 
Dooli says,"Hey are those sliders Chef Megsy? I'll take a couple dozen of those. Who else wants some of those? Man, they look GOOD! Gotta have some brewskies too! MmmmmmmMM! Let's party hearty! Happy Birthday PHC!"    xoxox xoxox
TeddyandSidney Jul 18 '14
What a wonderful pawty, the party bags are coooool and Chef Meggsy has done us proud. The Smugglers Inn have been wondeful hosts. Skippy Roos Home Brew has been fantastic ! Well done everypawdy
AngelFinn Jul 28 '14
Hi bank teller Finn ready to pick up your cash 
bar dogs
Thanks so much Teller Finn , heres the money case
bar dogs

Smugglers Inn News

Free Dinner Dance at the pub tonight

come C the great band we have playing ,

have a Drink or two , Dine & Dance all night

Free Bus to take you home !   

ruby Jul 31 '14
great band, just love  ABBA, ooooh Finn we can dance the night away 

AngelFinn Aug 1 '14
Sounds really nice Ruby!
bar dogs

Hope you all had a great night at the Dinner Dance last night

We left Skippy in charge , we know he had a good time

hear him stagging home singing at the top of his voice  

TeddyandSidney Aug 1 '14
Skippy Roo was a wonderful Host we had a pawsome time
skippy roo Aug 1 '14
Great night fair dinkum , should of seen them all trying to do the Kangaroo Hop hahaha  
ruby Aug 2 '14
fabulous time Finn and I danced the night away
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