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AngelFinn Aug 24 '14
I will be at the party!  
shadowbobbi Aug 24 '14
that looks wonderful sam me and bobbi will have one each please
Angel Meg and Sasha Aug 24 '14
The sausage, mash potato, peas and gravy looks rather yummy.  Is there any left?  Can I will have one please?  Oh, and an ice cold beer to wash it down 
bar dogs
Chef Meggsy likes to be in the kitchen on her own when she is cooking
Becks the sheepdog Aug 25 '14
Monday's one of my days off, usually after a busy weekend.
skippy roo Aug 25 '14

Me doe's the morning shift , Sam you do the afternoon sift  

when it's busy we both work together

Tia works in the Kitchen when it's Chef Meggsy's day off

AngelFinn Aug 26 '14
 Teller Finn here I am ready to pick up your deposit.  Sorry , I am a day late we have been very busy at the bank. 
Becks the sheepdog Aug 26 '14
Just slipped out of the kitchen for a swift pint whilst there's a break in the orders.
bar dogs
Just a light beer Chef meggsy , we don't want you to burn your self while you r cooking
bar dogs
We have happy hour 4 clock every afternoon barman Sam
AngelFinn Aug 27 '14
Hi I just stopped in for a nice cool drink.  Do you have any catnip iced tea?
Becks the sheepdog Aug 27 '14
We've some of the meat and potato pie left, served with some nice vegetables, gravy, and roast potatoes if you'd like that. Otherwise you could have a sandwich.
Becks the sheepdog Aug 27 '14
I'll have one when the Lasagne's out of the oven, that's the special tonight. It was going to be wabbit pie, but the supplier has let me down on that.
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bar dogs

your doing a great job barman Sam

Scooby & Val will be having a candle light dinner Friday night

can you write in the guess book please

skippy roo Aug 27 '14

Happy Birthday to me Chef Meggsy Happy Birthday to you

Big Roo hugs

skippy roo Aug 27 '14

Me & Chef Meggsy r having birthday drinks

It's not me birthday but me is drinking any way

hope Tia don't catch me , as me not aloud to drink when me is working

bar dogs

Welcome to Smugglers Inn Scooby & Val

your table for your candle light dinner has been booked for 8pm

enjoy your stay with us

bar dogs
Hope you feel better soon barman Sam
skippy roo Aug 30 '14
Having a slow day Me thinks you all have gone on the Train ride with me Chef
bar dogs
Poor Sam hope there not to much wrong maybe a tummy upset   
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