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Becks the sheepdog Sep 2 '14
Hope Sam's feeling better today.
shadowbobbi Sep 2 '14
HOpe he feels better soon :)
Sounds like everybody's having a good time! xoxoxoxoxoxxooo
I'm celebrating my Gotcha Day this weekend, seeing that mom was sick all Labor Day, so I'll have a little glass of champagne, please, with a pretty pink umbrella too. Thank you! xoxox  
bar dogs
Here you go Kenny a special drink for you  
skippy roo Sep 3 '14

It's Thirsty work on a Thursday come & have drinks with me

The one & only Skippy Roo , Hahaha  

bar dogs

Just soft drink for Skippy , it's Friday one of our busy nights

Thanks Barman Sam

skippy roo Sep 5 '14

Me is here to help you with rush hour Sam

Me will have a bowl of veggies

Thanks me chef   

Becks the sheepdog Sep 5 '14
One nice salad, although Fang will be busy this lunchtime at his chip shop.
bar dogs

New at Smugglers Inn

we now have a ice cream bar

we will have to teach Sam & Skippy how to use the ice cream machine  

blue20 Sep 5 '14
Here we some help video  for our friends Sam & Skyppy ...

Becks the sheepdog Sep 5 '14
Ah yes, Friday night, that's everyone fed so far. Scooby and Val are finishing their candlelit dinner in the corner, their plaice seems to have gone down very well and finishing with the icecream and fresh fruit washed down with a bottle of bubbly.
Thank you for my drink Tia! Very pretty, fruity and tasty too. xoxox 
bar dogs

Quote from blue20
Here we some help video  for our friends Sam & Skyppy ...

Thanks Blue 20 pets
skippy roo Sep 6 '14

It's Fathers Day in Oz

Free drinks for all the Dads

bar dogs

Barman Sam have you work out how to use the Ice Cream Machine yet

we can C you have been practising , from all the broken cones in the bin hehe lol

bar dogs
Must been Skippy trying it out then
skippy roo Sep 9 '14
Me good boy to , me didn't waste all the broken cone me ate some haha
skippy roo Sep 10 '14
Fang raids the Kitchen , haha
shadowbobbi Sep 11 '14
we will sam,
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