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bar dogs
We will have one of Sam's fluffy coffee's
skippy roo Sep 11 '14
Me is a busy boy today , lot's to do before Gardener Scooby gets back from holiday
bar dogs

Me has to help Scooby & Val with there bags , as they r checking out of the B&B today

work the bar for me  Sam , me is going to the train station with Scooby & Val they have to many bags to carry on there own  

skippy roo Sep 13 '14
Me can handle it Sam me is big & strong
skippy roo Sep 15 '14

Me is a brewing again today

me is trying a new recipe hope it don't blow up Hahaha  

bar dogs

Sam's road trip pic

we can hire another camper van if any other pets want to go

Becks the sheepdog Sep 16 '14
We could always borrow the carryvan and tow it behind the campervan. It's quite comfortable.
bar dogs

Thanks Chef Meggsy ,

we r about to go on a bus trip now

AngelFinn Sep 17 '14
I would like to reserve a nice table!I want to ask Ruby out for dinner and a movie. 
bar dogs
Great Finn , what night would you like us to book your table
skippy roo Sep 17 '14
Finn 's in Love with Ruby
AngelFinn Sep 18 '14
This Friday night I would like a table for 2 please 
bar dogs
Finn & Ruby enjoying a candle light dinner at Smugglers Inn
harley Sep 19 '14
Can I book a table for tonight please for me and my g/f Lily Wardle. Love Harley xxx
Becks the sheepdog Sep 19 '14
Plenty of room in our restaurant for you tonight, the others will have to put up with the bar meals.
harley Sep 19 '14
thanks Meggsy xx
bar dogs
your table is booked Harley & Lily , 8pm tonight
Kenny says, "May I please book a table for me and my forever Valentine Buddy? Thank you!"

Dooli says, "I don't have a date, but maybe you could find one for me? It could even be a business dinner with someone who's knowledgeable about etrading. Thanks! "

bar dogs

Kenny & Buddy your table is booked

Tia here I'll go out to dinner with you as I have given up on Bentley never C or hear from him

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