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Dooli says, " Well, thank you Tia! I'd love to have dinner with you! I'll pick you up in my car!"

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I have book a table for us Dooli , can't Waite to have a ride in your lovely car  
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Harley & lily , enjoying there dinner at Smugglers Inn last night
ruby Sep 20 '14

had the most wonderful meal with my handsome Finn, thank you pals

AngelFinn Sep 22 '14
I was so happy to enjoy my night with my lovely and wonderful Ruby!  
Kenny says, "It looked very romantic, fur sure!" xoxox
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Smugglers Inn Spain Tour
Jenna Pooh Sep 25 '14
Is Skippy Roo here?  I'd like to buy him a drink!
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Skippy will be working in the Bar tonight Jenna Pooh
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Friday night are candle light dinner nights at Smugglers Inn

Book a table & have dinner with your loved one

Buddy & Kenny having dinner

Buddy gives Kenny a ring , a Token of his Devotion

Becks the sheepdog Sep 26 '14
Going to be busy tonight with all the dinner bookings, and then there'll be the rush after they've all come out of the cinema. Fang better be ready for that, we'll have stopped serving food by then but his chip shop will be open.
skippy roo Sep 27 '14

Hoping for a slow day at Smugglers today had a big weekend

Tia is a slave driver Hahaha

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Skippy here is a list of jobs for you to

It's not going to be a slow day after all

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Come to Smugglers Inn & have a candle light dinner with your sweetheart

Book here !

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Friday night candle light dinner

2 friends having dinner together , Tia & Dooli  

book a table for a candle light dinner , Friday nights only

AngelFinn Oct 3 '14
I would like to book a table for Ruby and I please.  We are strolling through the gardens after swimming and after we will be hungry .  
Sebastian Oct 4 '14
I would like to book a candle light dinner for Donna Margarita and myself.
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Finn & Ruby booked your table for this Friday night  
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Sebastian & Donna Margarita ,

we have book your table for this coming Friday night

AngelFinn Oct 5 '14
thanks tiabuddy 
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