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bar dogs

Don't for get to book a table for our Friday night candle light dinner

can be for you & your sweetheart or just a friend

make sure you put both names down for our dinner pic

Becks the sheepdog Oct 9 '14
Still a few tables left, we can squeeze a few more in.
bar dogs

Smugglers Inn candle light dinner

Sebastian & Donna Margarita

enjoying a candle light dinner

Book a table Friday nights only

Becks the sheepdog Oct 10 '14
Plenty of champagne on ice behind the bar, and we've had to open a couple more boxes of candles. The tables are laid and we're all ready, now back into the kitchen. Smoked  Scottish salmon starter, then a choice of the coq-au-vin, roast beef or game pie main course, followed by our well filled sweet trolley.
bar dogs

Was a busy night last night , thanks for you help Chef Meggy

with Skippy being away sick , now for the big clean up  

Kenny and Dooli would like to have dinner together! Is that okay? xoxox
skippy roo Oct 13 '14
me tell Tia to book your Table Kenny & Dooli
TeddyandSidney Oct 15 '14
*Scooby leaves basket of flowers for Dining Room displays*
Becks the sheepdog Oct 15 '14
The order is in for the Halloween beer, with Skippy Roo laid up we've needed to make sure we don't run dry. We've also taken the chance to restock the wine cellar with some fine vintages for our diners of course.
bar dogs

going to be a busy one again tomorrow night we r booked out for Friday night candle dinner night  chef Meggsy

the  flowers for the tables r lovely Gardner Scooby

skippy roo Oct 15 '14
Me is better now , so me will be behind the bar for Friday night candle light dinner night  
AngelFinn Oct 19 '14
Ruby and I would like a drink before she goes on holiday for 10 days !!! 
bar dogs
Drinks for Ruby & Finn
ruby Oct 19 '14
wow thanks Skippy Roo look and taste divine  
AngelFinn Oct 20 '14
Hi ,I am here now as teller Finn from the bank.  I am ready to take your cash and deposit it for you.  I am sure you were very busy with all the customers.  I know Ruby and I had a very good time.  
bar dogs
Thanks Teller Finn Smugglers money case is ready for you
skippy roo Oct 22 '14
Me is brewing some thing special for Halloween Hahaha  
bar dogs

Smugglers Inn candle light dinner

Tia snapped a pic of Dooli & Kenny having dinner

book a table for a Friday night dinner

AngelFinn Oct 27 '14
Hi, teller Finn here ready to pick up your cash from the weekend sales 
Kenny and Dooli say, "Our dinner was fabulous! The food was so scrumptious our eyes were rolling in our heads!  Kenny enjoyed the pretty cocktails and champagne, and the service was terrific. The atmosphere was perfect, nice and quiet. We were able to have a conversation (something I excel at if I do say so myself!) and relax. So very nice. We thank the entire staff for such an enjoyable experience."  
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