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Smugglers Inn News

20th of April Easter Sunday

We will be judging the Easter Bonnet Comp 1

come join us for a Free picnic at the Pub

Chef Meggsy has prepared a lovely Easter Picnic for you all

enjoy a walk around the gardens gardener Scooby has grown some new plants

Free drinks at the Pub

come see who wins the Easter Bonnet comp

Kenny says, "Free drinks!?? Wow! I want something chilled, bubbly and comes in a fancy glass."

Dooli says, "Free drinks? Cool, man! I want something cold, and comes in a Big Ass glass!"
bar dogs

Smugglers Inn News

Easter Sunday Picnic & judging of Easter Bonnet Comp !

We will start with Free Drinks


bar dogs
Now some food Chef Meggsy made
bar dogs
Still hungry , here's some sweet treats
bar dogs

Now the part you all been waiting for

the judging of the Easter Bonnet Comp !

Winner 1st place , Louie

2nd place Kit Kat

3rd place Jenna Pooh

you all get a gold cup for your page

Runners up , Skippy Roo , Val , Willie , Kenny , Bella , Susie , Ashley

you all get a runners up badge for your page for entering Easter Bonnet comp !

Congrats to all of you Thanks for all your  entry's  Happy Easter !    

bar dogs

Smugglers Inn Easter Baskets , to take home with you  

Jenna Pooh Apr 20 '14
Wow, thank you for this honor!
bar dogs
Smugglers Inn Top 3 Winners
AngelFinn Apr 20 '14
so much fun !  
Kenny says, "Oh my dogness! Look at all the fun drinks, treats and baskets! Yum! I'm gonna a bunch of that food. It looks so wonderful. Meggsy, you really have out done yourself today! Look at all the fancy drinks in their fancy glasses! Chomp, chomp, slurp, sip, gulp! Thank you for a wonderful Easter spread. I love this place!!"

Dooli says, "Man! This is the PLACE to be! I think my favorite is the teddy bear. Those drinks don't look bad either. I'll have to try each one though, to make sure!" 

skippy roo Apr 20 '14

Me & me family had the best picnic day fair dinkum

I got a blue ribbon for me Easter hat to gonna put in me room on the wall cos its the first thing I'v won , I normally get the naughty spoon haha

Jenna Pooh Apr 20 '14
Skippy Roo, you are here! 
Jenna Pooh Apr 20 '14

Good night...I got to go to bed!  Have a good one!

skippy roo Apr 20 '14
night night chickie babe I'll have sweet dreams about ya , Jenna Pooh
skippy roo Apr 23 '14
Pa at the Pub having a couple of drinks , make that a few drinks , Ma will have his hide when he gets home
Jenna Pooh Apr 23 '14
Oh Skippy Roo, you are so doggone adorable!
skippy roo Apr 23 '14

It was me Pa who got drunk copper think you need glasses haha

skippy roo Apr 23 '14
Thanks chickie babe Jenna Pooh me wants to be your loving Roo
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