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Becks the sheepdog Nov 18 '15
Fang must be thirsty tonight. We think we'd better make him a bed up, outside it's blowing a bit of a storm. We've put a few more logs on the fire.
boss dog
fang Nov 18 '15
i think i have one more hic hehehehehe
bar dogs
One for the road a Fang
boss dog
fang Nov 19 '15
mmm time for a winter warmer
AngelFinn Nov 27 '15
I would like 2 warm cocoa for Ruby and I please.
ruby Nov 27 '15
so goooooooood

Becks the sheepdog Nov 29 '15
Nice fire going in the Smuggler's tonight. It's not a nice night to be out in tonight.
shadowbobbi Nov 29 '15
bobbi warms paws by the fire
bar dogs
Big Christmas Contest check out the details on main page
boss dog
fang Dec 2 '15
one pint please happy birthday James cheers
TeddyandSidney Dec 2 '15
Oohs thank you Fangs Daddy for the free drinks. The Scurvy Pirate Crew are very happy.
AngelFinn Dec 8 '15
 so warm and cozy
Becks the sheepdog Dec 13 '15
The Scurvy Crew are raising a toast to their old Captain, wishing him a safe journey over the bridge.
jakey Dec 14 '15
Thank you for raising your glasses to Captain Scooby
AngelFinn Dec 14 '15
 A glass to Scooby!
Kent and Dooli say, "I'll drink to Scooby!"
Becks the sheepdog Dec 15 '15
We know that Santa is approaching, so this weekend we'll be giving you all a bit of a break and having the Pub Quiz. I'll be doing a supply of nibbles, the drinks will be suitably themed, and we'll put you in the mood.
AngelFinn Dec 16 '15
 sounds like fun
Becks the sheepdog Dec 18 '15
We're sorting some things for tommorow night's quiz, so get your thinking hats on. It has a Christmas theme of course.
Becks the sheepdog Dec 19 '15
It's time to start, first let's see who's here.
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