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TeddyandSidney Jan 22 '16
Oooh pup sized portions will be wonderful Chef Meggsy, thank you.
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Happy Australia Day , Free Drinks & BBQ Snags Today Only
TeddyandSidney Jan 27 '16
Mmmm they smell lovely, any pop fur us pawleeeease?
AngelFinn Jan 27 '16
Did I miss the party??? 

Becks the sheepdog Jan 27 '16
You missed Fang trying to keep the cover over the BBQ from blowing away, a load of food being eaten - sausages, bits of steak, tuna steaks, all that garlic bread plus all those bits that seemed to blow into the pond. No complaints heard from Jakey.
AngelFinn Jan 28 '16
sorry I missed it I slept right through
Dooli says, "Hey are you guys eating sausages? I love that stuff! And I like camp fires!"

Becks the sheepdog Feb 1 '16
Next week we'll be having a bit of a do for Chinese New Year, the food has been ordered but we'll need some help putting up the decorations. I know two youngsters who'd like to do that, and then there's Fang. Some days the best way he can help is possibly making sure he stays out of the way.
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Chinese New Year party , Monday 8th February , at Smugglers Inn Chef Meggsy will sever chinese meals in Doggie & kitty cat box's plus free drinks
Dooli says,"Mmmmm Chinese food! I love that! What about you Kenny? You up for some of that?"

Kenny says, "Yeah, I sure am! I like the Mongolian Beef, like mom does, and the orange chicken."

AngelFinn Feb 2 '16
I can help with the decorations since Ruby is not around I have a lot of time on my paws! 
AngelFinn Feb 2 '16
I am good with ballons

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Glad you can help Finn , Kenny & Dooli you will love the menu ! we have some Chinese Dragon dancers coming as well that will be fun 
TeddyandSidney Feb 3 '16
Oooohhh this will be our first pawty !
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Yes Teddy & Sidney , bet you are excited
AngelFinn Feb 4 '16
 I got some decorations
TeddyandSidney Feb 5 '16
Oooh the decorations are wonderful, we soooooo excited.
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Lovely Finn , It will be a great party xxx
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Smugglers Inn Chinese New Year Party , Free Drinks & Food , The Lanterns & Decorations look great , We have Chinese Dancers & Dragon display , Eat drink & have a great time pets
Becks the sheepdog Feb 7 '16
Starting with breakfast - well we have Dim Sum for you to tuck into.
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