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AngelFinn Mar 5 '16
I am happy to say I have enjoyed the company here as my Ruby is away.  Do you have any game nights planned in the future or other events??
TeddyandSidney Mar 5 '16
Can we pawlease book one night stay at The Smugglers Inn for next Saturday night?
Mommy and Daddy are going to a crufts Kennel Show on Sunday and will be out all day. And we can either stay with you or go to Pets Motel Prison for one night. Practise they call it, so we can get use to it. Yeah really, want to stay at Smugglers Inn instead pawlease.
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Teddy & Sidney , your booked in , William will be baby sitting you both ! 

Finn will will have a fun night next week for St Patty's day 

TeddyandSidney Mar 8 '16
Ooohhh thank you for booking us in for Saturday night. Soooo excited, our first night in a posh place. We got our Jammies ready.
AngelFinn Mar 8 '16
Oh that sounds great !  I love all things Irish!
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Note to Chef Meggsy , please make a menu for next weeks ST Patrick's Day Party , all green food & Drinks xxx 
TeddyandSidney Mar 11 '16
We packing our overnight bags ready for staying on Saturday night ! Soooo much fun !
Becks the sheepdog Mar 11 '16
We have a good room reserved for you Teddy and Sidney, and pup sized portions of food.
TeddyandSidney Mar 12 '16
Ooohhhhhnthank you Meggsy. We are here already for our fun day til late Sunday afternoon. This will be pawsome.
Becks the sheepdog Mar 12 '16
Tonight for the pups, starter is Chicken soup with a nice crusty roll. Main course is a piece of a rump steak served with fresh vegetables and nice crispy chips. We have a dessert of treacle sponge and custard then some cheese and biscuits if you still are feeling peckish after that. You'll have to drink pop as you're still too young to sample the beer.
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TeddyandSidney Mar 14 '16
Corrrrrr we are soooooooo fullll, thank you Chef Meggsy !
AngelFinn Mar 16 '16
When do the events begin tomorrow??  I am looking forward to St Patricks day!
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Happy St Patrick's Day , Pets party will start later today 
Dooli says, "I'll be stopping by Thursday afternoon, US Central time!" xoxoxo
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Happy ST Patrick's Day 
AngelFinn Mar 17 '16
WOW! So much fun!!!
AngelFinn Mar 17 '16
FUN party!
Stopping in for a drink! I've had a busy day of barking and riding in the car. I need a quick beer and a chat with some friends. 
AngelFinn Mar 22 '16
Hi I would like to reserve a table for 2 for Friday night please.  I am bringing Ruby for dinner to celebrate her return from her vacation.
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Your Table for 2  is reserve Finn & Ruby 
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