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TeddyandSidney Jan 21 '17
Sniffff snifffffff corrrrrrr burnt Fang teee heeeee
Becks the sheepdog Jan 21 '17
We're surprised he didn't set off the smoke alarm ourselves. He was a bit close to the fire wasn't he?
TeddyandSidney Jan 25 '17
Got an urge for some pork scratchings !!
TeddyandSidney Jan 29 '17
WOW everything looks fantastic for Chinese New Year festivities.
bar dogs
Book a table for Valentines day dinner 
TeddyandSidney Feb 1 '17
Can we book a table for Valentines Dinner please for us and Valentine and Willie in honour of Uncle Scooby
bar dogs
Your Table is booked xxx
boss dog
fang Feb 10 '17
sorry im late i just finished cooking so here you go   8 haddock, 4 special cod, 2 plaice, 1 steak & kidney pie, 1 jumbo battered sausage, 5 portions of peas, 2 portions of gravy, 5 bread rolls, 16 portions of chips and two chicken burgers enjoy 
TeddyandSidney Feb 10 '17
WOW Faaaannnggg that's a big order, thank your for cooking it at the Chip Shop
bar dogs
you did good Fang xx go to the bar & get your self a drink 
Becks the sheepdog Feb 12 '17
That's the busiest night Fang's had at his shop for a good while, should I make Friday Fish night a regular feature? It'll keep Fang out of trouble and it'll give him some business.
Jenna Pooh Feb 12 '17
I'll take a pint to celebrate me being Pet of the Week
TeddyandSidney Feb 12 '17
We think Friday Fish Night should be a regular thing to keep Faaaang busy
bar dogs
Becks the sheepdog Feb 17 '17
It's fish night at the Smugglers and guess what, I'm not cooking tonight, just been on the phone to Fang. That's him busy for the evening.
bar dogs
poor old Fang was run of his paws all night cooking ! 
TeddyandSidney Feb 22 '17
Peace and quiet too,LOL
Becks the sheepdog Feb 22 '17
The scurvy crew are all in the Smuggler's for breakfast after tying down all the outside furniture as Storm Doris arrives. The full cooked breakfast has just been served and they've drunk all the coffee, so am making some more.
Becks the sheepdog Feb 24 '17
The scurvy crew were just clearing some broken branches outside and swung one up in the air then bang! flash! whoops! the lights have gone off in the Smuggler's. Looks like it might be a candlelit dinner whilst the engineers repair the line. They've already been offerred cups of tea (we've got a gas hob of course) and it seems as an apology they're doing tonight's food. Fang is off the hook.
shadowbobbi Feb 24 '17
Fang will be pleased to hear that becks
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