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boss dog
fang Mar 12 '14
TeddyandSidney Mar 12 '14
Ooohhhh gotta think of a really good wish !
bar dogs
throw a coin in the wishing well cross your paws & make a wish
harley Mar 15 '14
thrown my coin in, and made my wish
boss dog
fang Mar 15 '14
my wish is ????????? ????? ??????
harley Mar 15 '14
mine didnt come true, have to try again *harley throws coin*
bar dogs
Fang the Well is for wishing Not peeing hehehe
boss dog
fang Apr 6 '14
i wish for
skippy roo Apr 8 '14
I wish that pesky bird would fly away
TeddyandSidney Apr 8 '14
Peacocks cant fly teeee heeeee
bar dogs
We wish you all have a pawsome Easter
skippy roo May 22 '14
Me wish Fang got his nose stuck up his bum haha
Rangoon Jul 15 '14
I wish that Grant stops barking at me. Ture
boss dog
fang Jul 16 '14
im still waiting for my tall blond with big assets and ive wished every day hehehehehehe 
skippy roo Jul 16 '14
She is waiting for you at the wishing well Fang
boss dog
fang Jul 17 '14
well you won't be needing me for the rest of the day will you hehehehe come with me blondie i want to show you something around here hay hay hay hehehehehe  
TeddyandSidney Sep 24 '14
*Scooby drops coin into wishing well and wishes everypawdy health wealth and wisdom*
bar dogs
Tia drops a penny into the wishing well , & wishes she could play with her brother Buddy again
AngelFinn Mar 2 '15
*Finn drops in a coin and wishes spring to come soon !
boss dog
fang Mar 13 '15
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