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Becks the sheepdog Jan 17 '17
From my training book has been said that every sheepdog has all the moves they need already programmed into them. It is just the job of training to get the dog to associate the commands with those moves so he'll do what you want him to do. You don't need to show a collie what to do, you are there to learn how to control it.

Confidence rubs off onto the dog, the more relaxed with the handler, the better the dog works. It's also to allow the dog to make mistakes and to learn from them. Once he picks up that he's got the room to learn he will, but he needs to be able to use his own initiative as well as listening for commands. It's finding that fine balance that makes a good working dog. That may not win trials but you end up with an engaged farm dog, keen to work and sociable.
shadowbobbi Jan 17 '17
Great post