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fang Mar 12 '14
TeddyandSidney Mar 12 '14
Neeed a weeeeeeeeeee
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Life saver Ruby is giving Free Swimming Lessons to any pets who can't swim
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Meet our Life Saver Ruby

Ruby your Id came in the post today

ruby Mar 18 '14
Free swimming lessons!!  Come and join me at the pool.   


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Tia needs lessons she scared of the water
ThomannDogs4 Mar 18 '14
Come on sweetie pie!  I'll teach you how to swim Tia!
ThomannDogs4 Mar 18 '14
The water is not gonna hurt you!  See Ruby?  And she's just fine now!  Right Ruby?
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Thank you Bentley my love think I need you & Ruby to hold me
ThomannDogs4 Mar 18 '14
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I have to put my floaty on first Tia tip toes in to the water very slowly
ruby Mar 19 '14
no worries Tia we have a beginners class for those afraid of the water.........come on Tia I'll stay with you........good girl 
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thanks Life saver Ruby I'm not so scared now I feel save with you holding me & my floaty's on
ruby Mar 19 '14
glad to see so many pups taking up the lessons and having fun out there

ruby Mar 19 '14
Cats Only on Friday - come on down for your free lessons- no dogs allowed in the pool but are welcome to help give out towels and drinks and treats after lessons - (thanks pups)

We Three Mar 19 '14
I don't know about this. The only water I like is the water I drink...
ruby Mar 23 '14

Beautiful day here come on down for a swim or your free lessons

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We like going to the Free swimming lessons , we get a treat after our lesson
ruby Mar 24 '14
giving out today's treats after free lessons

bar dogs
Yummy we love ice cream
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