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AngelFinn Jun 4 '15
I am eager to help my girlfriend Ruby with swim lessons!  
ruby Jun 5 '15
great to see all pals at lessons Friday

Finn was kept busy all day with kitty-kat lessons 

Jumping/diving in was enjoyed at my classes

ice creams of course were enjoyed by all 

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AngelFinn Jun 8 '15
it was great fun Ruby!
ruby Jun 13 '15

full classes at the pool Friday, Finn and I were kept busy all day

after lessons there was plenty of free time for play

bar dogs
Tia get the ice creams & treats ready for the the pets after there swimming lesson today
AngelFinn Jul 9 '15
  Ready for pool Friday with my girl Ruby!
Kenny says, " I don't like swimming, but I like watching all my friends swim. I'll just lay out in the shade with a cool drink and some snacks." xoxo
bar dogs
It's nearly Time for the pool to open & ruby will be teaching swimming lessons soon xxx
TeddyandSidney May 25 '16
We need pup swimming lessons pawleeease as we now old enough and need to be safe on our Pirate Ship. We go away the end of June for two weeks on our first EVER canal holiday.
ruby May 26 '16

It's time for swimming lessons to start up again, great to see that we have a couple of young pups eager to learn.

Lessons will be held on Monday mornings from 10.00 am

Free ice creams after lessons

See you all Monday

AngelFinn May 26 '16
Good luck witht he swimming lessons Ruby!
bar dogs
Tia & William will be coming to swimming lessons  
TeddyandSidney Jun 1 '16
We need to be really good at swimming as we go away with Mommy and Daddy on our canal boat in two weeks. I hope we can swim well.
Becks the sheepdog Jun 2 '16
Will your Mommy and Daddy be kitting you out with your own life jackets?
TeddyandSidney Jun 2 '16
Noooooo we won't have life jackets, as it was hard enough to get walking harnesses, nearly bought ferret ones , I mean how rude LOL. We have the metal Cage of Doom to put on the stern deck like Uncle Scooby had. So when Mommy and Daddy are busy or we want a sleep we can sit safely in there.
bar dogs
Swimming Lessens are over come get your Ice creams pets xxx
TeddyandSidney Jun 14 '16
We were really good and didn't wee weee in the pool, and the ice creams are sure yummy !
What a great pool! Whee!!! Polly and Daisy jump in.
cookie Jan 20
Cookie grabs his trunks and scurries to the pool.  He sees Falco and the boys, winks and runs to where the furs are swimming . . . CANNONBALL  



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