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Anybody can use the pool. You can also put your name down for the swimming lessons and free after swim ice cream if you like to join us.
cookie Jan 21
Cookie and friends decide what flavor ice pop they want after their swim . . . 

Plenty to go round from my magical ice cream cart that never gets empty
Oooh good the swimming pool is open this week we can practice life saving
cookie Feb 20
CANNONBALL ! ! ! ! ! 
Wow good one !!!!!
cookie Mar 10
glub glub glub . . . I'm pretending to be a goldfish
Yeah but they wee in their water so dont do that bit LOL
We learning well with our water rings on.
jakey May 16
Glad you all learning well. We won't worry when you step too close to the Duck Pond!
We will be paddling our paws and hooves and claws in the pond today
cookie Jul 27
I've got my duck floatie . . . and my beakstick
Blue Jul 27
Oh, this nice swimming pool is much larger than my tiny baby pool....  Mom order me a doggie life vest from Chewy.com, would ya?
Sooooooo nice and cooooooooooool
cookie Aug 1
how's about a game of marco polo ?
Oooh wow good idea
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