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boss dog
fang Mar 12 '14
TeddyandSidney Mar 12 '14
Ooh a pee mail outlet LOL
bar dogs

The Village has a phone box for pets to ring for the Vet or to order fish & chips or just ring a friend pets can ring & make bookings for the B&B at Smugglers Inn

the post box want to post a love letter to your sweetheart post it here  

TeddyandSidney Mar 15 '14
Oooh how pawsome
bar dogs
Buddy posted a letter to his sweetheart Kenny   
boss dog
fang Apr 6 '14
TeddyandSidney Apr 6 '14
Whitehall 1212 please !
bar dogs
Buddy & Tia puts post cards in mail box from England to Oz  
TeddyandSidney Apr 14 '14
*Scooby posts order form for next summers vegetable seed catalogue*
Kenny says,"What? Buddy posted a letter to me? Well, isn't that sweet? Thank you, Buddy!"

Dooli says, " Fish and chips? That sounds good!" 

skippy roo Apr 25 '14

ring ring , ring ring ,  ring ring

calling my Angel Jenna Pooh

Jenna Pooh Apr 26 '14
Hello Roo...my sweet Roo!
skippy roo Apr 27 '14
Hello , my Jenna Pooh did ya have a good weekend
skippy roo Jul 22 '14

ring ring Village Shop please

hello Shadow , me wants to put an order in for hops & barley & you know the secret thing which is secret for me Kanda brew !  

bar dogs

ring ring , ring ring

It's Angel Buddy calling from rainbow bridge to say HI to all his friends paw hugs as well

AngelFinn Nov 2 '14
hi ..it is nice to hear from you
boss dog
fang Nov 15 '14
fang go in the phone box lifts the phone and dials a number the phone box started to lower down into the tunnels fang got out of the phone box and the phone box went back up . fang wonder off into the tunnels  
skippy roo Feb 2 '15
RING RING , G'day Angle Pooh meet me at the pub for lunch
boss dog
fang Mar 13 '15
do we have a post man ?
Popping Daddy's birthday cards in the post box for the 26th. He retires from work that day too.
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