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cookie Feb 3
Cookie ducks into the phone box and out comes . . .  SUPERBIRD !
boss dog
fang Feb 3
is it a bird is it a plane yes its a bird its super cookie hehehe 
WOW Cookie is Superbird !
cookie Feb 5
Looking for some crime to fight
Just follow silly old Faaaaaaaang he's usually responsible !
cookie Feb 8
Cookie adjusts his cape and gets ready for his first caper . . . 
A good place to watch is around the kitchen door at the back of The Smugglers Inn kitchen
cookie Feb 11
up, up and away 
Keep a sharp eye out for trouble !
The Forum post is edited by TeddyandSidney Feb 11
cookie Feb 13
I will - I'm going to go find Fang
He's usually around the scrap bins behind The Smugglers Inn Kitchen
cookie Feb 20
crash !  bang !  clang !  Ooops, I knocked down all the pails !  Now Fang will know I'm watching for him !
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