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bar dogs
you can put this poster up on the wall in the waiting room Vet Harley  
harley Mar 24 '14
aww spoil sports I was trying something new out lol
boss dog
fang Mar 24 '14
not on me your not hehehehehe
bar dogs
Nor us we r happy with the choc squares mum gives us
harley Mar 25 '14
I will let you off this time, you can have what mum gives you...this time hehe
Rangoon Mar 30 '14
Harley, Saba licks her sides excessively and complains about itching - could you have a look?
boss dog
fang Mar 30 '14
could be time for the flee treatment 
harley Mar 31 '14
Yes, can everyone come in for flea treatment please, that time of the year we get those nasty horrible bugs. Look forward to seeing you all xx
bar dogs
book us in Vet Harley , you can have a look at Buddy sore leg as well
AngelFinn Apr 1 '14
I fear one of those black hopping bugs got on me and now I have a terrible itch!  Can you help me?
harley Apr 2 '14
tiabuddy 4pm tomorrow ok
harley Apr 2 '14
finn, flea treatment ok, I will leave a prescription with the nurse ok xx 
boss dog
fang Apr 2 '14
nurse i kneed  treatment hehehehehe 
TeddyandSidney Apr 3 '14
I think a dog the size of Fang requires a BIG tablet !
AngelFinn Apr 3 '14
thank you vet harley for the prescription
harley Apr 5 '14
you are very welcome Finn xx
boss dog
fang Apr 6 '14
morning tum tum tum tum
harley Apr 6 '14
good evening fang, we are closed until tomorrow morning, is it an emergency? if so leave me a message...thank you 
bar dogs
Vet Harley has been working very hard doing a lot of research  
harley Apr 11 '14
yep, I am reading up on Anal glands lol, I fell asleep reading the book cos every where said they STINK yuckkkkk xxx
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