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TeddyandSidney Apr 11 '14
and the bigger the dog ? Keep away from Fangs LOL
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harley Apr 13 '14
oh yuck forgot about Fang he will stink lol, think I will get the nurse to do him xx
harley Apr 19 '14
Vet Harley is on an Easter break xx
TeddyandSidney Apr 24 '14
Vet Harley, from 1 May, I am staying at The Smugglers Inn for two weeks while Mommy and Daddy go on a stupid cruise from Majorca. i got the all clear to stay. I got double rations of my meds. can you keep them locked away for me and I can pop in each day for them pawlease ? there is an antiflammatory liquid with food, and quarter a tablet painkiller for food. Thank you.
harley Apr 25 '14
yes Scooby they will be safe locked away until you come each day for them. Ohhh they are going on a cruise very nice but not nice to leave you home. But nice to have you staying in the villiage. 
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Vet Harley , Bunny needs to book in have his leg look at please
Rangoon Apr 26 '14
vet Harley:- could I have your opinion, please?

One of my nails slit in two longwise and the flesh came out. It smarts and I keep licking it - Mom is furious because my fur is already gone from my fingers. How long can it take to close or grow a new one?  I was kept at home for almost a week. Mom tried to put a sock on my leg with some kind of cream, but i lost it while running in grass.  Now it is raining and I'm afraid i won't be taken for my walks if it is dirty outside.

TeddyandSidney Apr 29 '14
Thank you Vet Harley for looking after my medicine. i will pop and see you Friday morning.
harley May 3 '14
ok Scooby see you Friday 
harley May 3 '14
Rangoon, how did you split your nail?. Please, you must not lick it as you will make it very sore. It might not close but it will certainly grow, when the new nails starts to grow you will be able to have the old nail clipped then when it grows more it will be fine. For now I think you better do as mummy says and keep its dry and covered. If more problems please come and see me. 
Rangoon May 3 '14
thank you, Mr vet. In fact it's not me, but Saba with this split nail. And sine she is big, heavy and a mule head there is nothing to be done. She licks and licks. Mom let her go for walks barefoot, for she kept loosing her socks and when she stays home (which she does  with pleasure) she sleeps on the sofa but licks ad licks her nail and the sofa, too.

Right now, it looks kind of dry and not red anymore but the top of it  is open.

harley May 10 '14
skippy roo May 22 '14
Vet Harley Fang got fleas
harley May 23 '14
FLEASSSS ohhh bring him in and I will put something on him
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Vet Harley , we r due for our 6 months check up can you book us in please  
Becks the sheepdog Jan 21 '15
We'd like to make an appointment for Fang, he'll need a nice dose of wormer it seems and something to settle his tummy poor lad.
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we all wanted to help Fang & a few of us put worming pills in his food he may need his tummy pumping out or some thing to stop the run's that  he has now 
boss dog
fang Mar 13 '15
when is the vet in please
Becks the sheepdog Mar 13 '15
What do you mean? You actually want to see the Vet then Fang?
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seams vet Harley is having a long holiday
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