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shadowbobbi Nov 29 '17
Great news
TeddyandSidney Dec 7 '17
Ooooohhhhhh Noooooooo we gotta go to The Dogster today for our yearly shots !!!!!! Where shall we hide ????
*Teddy goes to Dogster * Knock knock Hello Dogster can you come and see my brother Sidney please??? He has a poorly tummy and Mommy has to keep washing his bed out. He's still eating though*
Teddy * am ready for my teeth cleaning appointment too while you check over Sidneys poorly tummy *
Sidney * I will wait for you Teddy with my sick bucket*
Blue Apr 11

Blue - today I go to the vet to get my blood sucked out for a Lyme panel retest.... I was treated for Lyme 6-mo ago with high titer levels.  So, this is just a six-month re-test to see where the titer levels are now.  But, I am feeling A-OK!!

We will sit together Blue and try and get those biscuits off the counter
Blue Apr 16

Blue says, my Lyme titer results were high - again!  Mom and the vet were surprised. So, taking a higher dose of Doxy for 21 days and no more Soresto collar for me, Mom's going back to a topical flea/tick on the vet's recommendation (we are in such a high-risk Lyme area).   So, even though I show no clincal Lyme symptoms, my test results, the tests show otherwise, so Mom's glad she brought me for the retest! 

Bark from Blue
That is good news that you are being looked after by the Dogtser
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