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boss dog
fang Mar 13 '14
TeddyandSidney Mar 13 '14
OOHH I love a good comedy farce !!
bar dogs
can you show this movie Cat Dog we love it so funny
AngelFinn Mar 18 '14
I love movie time!  
blue20 Mar 19 '14

blue20 Mar 19 '14
Donna Margarita   as MRS HATTIE ,

blue20 Mar 19 '14
Brandy Josefina   as MiNNIOS CUTE MAID    I win 1st place award in a contest 

blue20 Mar 19 '14
Thomas Alejandro    as DR. NEUFORIO

bar dogs

That was a great movie clapping paws , we want more we want more

can't Waite for the next one

bar dogs
we would love to C this movie
boss dog
fang Apr 6 '14
  the phantom of the opera 

congrats you have found a bunny
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bar dogs
When is the next movie  
Becks the sheepdog May 17 '14
We'd like this one to come round, it's a good movie.
Rangoon May 17 '14
still didn't dind time to watch it. But tonight I watched "The Forst Dog" on the Disney channel. Grant barked at the right moment - probably by mistake....
bar dogs
we was a bit  disappointed with Red Dog movie
AngelFinn Sep 17 '14
who runs the theater?  i would like to know what movie is playing?
bar dogs
Blue 20 pets run the Theatre , what movie would you like to see
AngelFinn Sep 25 '14
I would like something romantic to take Ruby to please 
Rangoon Sep 25 '14
I'd suggest some old Disney movie (Lady and the Tramp or 200 miles home) - you could cuddle Ruby in moments of suspension
ruby Sep 25 '14

 great suggestion Rangoon.....oooh Finn I would love to see this movie with you 

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