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AngelFinn Sep 26 '14
alright Ruby I will pick you up after swim lessons !!!
bar dogs
awww love this movie
AngelFinn Sep 27 '14
Ruby ,I got us popcorn and soda 
AngelFinn Sep 27 '14
  having fun watching the movie with Ruby and all our pals!
ruby Sep 27 '14
thanks for a great evening.....looks like all our pals had a great time 

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skippy roo Nov 21 '14
Me is watching a docko  about me relo Kangaroos in Oz
AngelFinn Dec 29 '14
What movies are playing? I want to treat Ruby to a movie!
AngelFinn Dec 31 '14
AngelFinn Dec 31 '14
skippy roo Feb 2 '15
ToDay's Movie Skippy the bush Kangaroo , don't miss a good flick showing time 2pm
boss dog
fang Mar 13 '15
need to show more films
Becks the sheepdog Mar 13 '15
Not to worry Fang, the Shaun the Sheep movie is coming.
bar dogs
New movie showing this week , Cats and Dogs , we saw the preview  looks so funny  xxx
cookie Jan 21 '18
How about RIO ?  or PAULIE ?  
TeddyandSidney Jan 22 '18
Good choice Cookie
cookie Feb 5 '18
Popcorn's on me !
TeddyandSidney Feb 7 '18
Oh WOWZERS popcorn !
cookie Feb 8 '18
and super size the root beer !
TeddyandSidney Feb 8 '18
Never tried root beer looks good
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