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fang Mar 15 '14
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Welcome to Smugglers Inn Village Sniffs

you look like a hard worker unlike your twin brother Fang


TeddyandSidney Mar 16 '14
Hiya Sniff, glad to meet you. I will have some tree and hedge cuttings by the back gate of The Smugglers Inn Garden for you to take away at the end of the day
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Sniff your ID came in the post today
boss dog
fang Apr 6 '14
morning sniff
skippy roo Apr 6 '14
hop in to c if there is any jobs going mate
skippy roo May 14 '14
Fang did a big dump in the garden
skippy roo May 28 '14
Fang has tip over all the bins Sniff
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Sniff , as you know Gardener Scooby is away on holiday  

there is lots of rubbish pilling up behind the pub can you come clean it up please we don't have time with all the extra work we have at the moment thanks

TeddyandSidney Jul 28 '14
Hi Sniff, I am tidying up around the pond and have left some green bags to be collected behind the Duck Pond sign you can collect please, thank you !
skippy roo Jul 29 '14
Me will come pick them up for ya
TeddyandSidney Oct 26 '14
Sniff have you some wooden pallets we can use for The Smugglers Inn Bonfire Pawty please?
TeddyandSidney Jan 1 '15
Sniff, I have a Recycling Bin full of empty bottles. can you pawlease collect??? I will have a mug of tea and biscuit for you. Thank you !
skippy roo Feb 2 '15
me  greased & oiled your truck for ya sniff , there is a big pile of rubbish to pick  
TeddyandSidney Aug 11 '15
Hi Sniff, I have some old pallets and bits of tree cuttings at the back of my shed all ready for you. There is a pint in the pumps behind the Bar waiting for you too whenever you are ready.
TeddyandSidney May 9 '17
Hi Sniff, we have bagged up some garden waste for you to collect at the end of The Smugglers Garden. There are some bottles of pop for you in a box with your name on as it's quite warm today. Thank you
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TeddyandSidney Dec 31 '18
Hey Sniff we have one or two empties for you to collect behind the Smugglers Inn when you ready.