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ruby Aug 13 '14
the gardens are looking beautiful Scooby & Skippy just pawfect for Finn'sl birthday celebration 

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boss dog
fang Aug 15 '14
scooby can we plant this please hehehehe
TeddyandSidney Aug 15 '14
Mmm bit too scarey for the young uns? pawhaps your pawrents might like it in their garden LOL
skippy roo Aug 15 '14
Fang's got a new sexy girl tree he can pee on
bar dogs
Fang's in love with his girl tree , she don't yell at him when he pee's on her hehe
TeddyandSidney Aug 18 '14
*Scooby whistles happily as he tidies up garden and collects leaves*
bar dogs

we have ordered more chinse latten's for the garden Scooby

as Skippy broke some of the others at the last party

TeddyandSidney Aug 20 '14
Ooohhhh the new Chinese Lanterns will look fantastic. Cant wait for them to arrive
skippy roo Aug 26 '14

Me put the fresh mulch on the veggie patch & dug it in & give it a good watering

me did it just how you told me to gardener Scooby     

bar dogs

Me & Skippy , doing some work in the garden before Scooby gets back

Looks all spick & span now

TeddyandSidney Sep 17 '14
Skippy Roo here is this months pocket money for you. Two hundred dollars as you have been excellent.
skippy roo Sep 17 '14

Thanks gardener Scooby   

TeddyandSidney Sep 19 '14
You worked really hard Skippy Roo, keep up the good work.
Becks the sheepdog Sep 19 '14
Excellent. The fresh vegetables are making the meals in the Smuggler's Inn extra tasty, that's why we're so busy.
bar dogs

we r proud of Skippy , he works hard in the vegie patch

don't tell him we said that he will get a big head as well as big feet hehe

Dooli says, "Hey thanks you guys for working so hard in the garden. It's awesome to have so many fresh and wonderful veggies for our meals. You guys rock!" xoxoxo

bar dogs

Gardner Scooby , do you think you can grow some thing like this on the back wall of Smugglers

It will be for our rainbow pets like a stair way to heaven  

Kenny says, "Oh, a rainbow stairway to heaven. That would be wonderful." 


Becks the sheepdog Sep 21 '14
We've a nice bag of spring bulbs left over for Scooby to arrange their planting. We thought they'd brighten the place up.
TeddyandSidney Sep 21 '14
Thank you for the spare bulbs Chef Meggsy, I will put them around the edge of the playground at The Smugglers Inn
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