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TeddyandSidney Sep 22 '14
*Scooby draws plans to make Rainbow Bridge Tribute against the back wall of The Smugglers Inn*. *Scooby sips mug of tea and wanders through checking on the seedlngs and bulbs in the potting shed*
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Thanks Gardener Scooby , it will look  lovely when it's finished
Dooli and Kenny say, "Our mom loves bulbs, but she doesn't attend them so we can only have a few in the mixed front border." 

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Kenny & Dooli enjoying Smugglers Inn Garden
TeddyandSidney Sep 23 '14
*Scooby sits with morning cup of tea admiring his hard work flowering into a beautiful Rainbow Bridge Tribute against The Smugglers Inn Wall
TeddyandSidney Sep 28 '14
*Scooby bags up loose leaves from Garden*
TeddyandSidney Oct 3 '14
*Scooby tidies up loose branches*
ruby Oct 3 '14
thank you for a lovely evening Finn and Scooby the gardens are looking beautiful

AngelFinn Oct 4 '14
 Ruby , in the gardens with you is such a joy 
TeddyandSidney Oct 26 '14
*Scooby, Mr Peacock and Tame Dragon pick up leaves from garden*
TeddyandSidney Nov 6 '14
*Scooby sweeps up yet more stooooopid leaves*
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fang Nov 12 '14
fang uncovered the tunnel that he dug then go down it and covers it so no one can see it 


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I have set a trap for you Fang , you will be running for your life when you c it
The Forum post is edited by Tia Angle Buddy William Nov 12 '14
Thank you Scooby for cleaning up the leaves in the garden. Ruby, that's a really terrific shot of you! My mom really likes it. xoxoxo

skippy roo Nov 12 '14
me knows what Tia is planning for you Fang Hahaha
AngelFinn Nov 14 '14
 spending time with Ruby in the garden is such a joy 
Awwwe! We love that photo! 
TeddyandSidney Nov 19 '14
*Scooby sweeps up loose leaves*
skippy roo Nov 21 '14
Me is working in the veggie patch
then cutting the grass for gardener Scooby
TeddyandSidney Nov 26 '14
You are a good Assistant Roo, there may well be a Christmas Bonus for you soon
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