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skippy roo Jan 11 '15
The Pirates r back at the pub , last time they were here me found a gold coin in the garden me is looking hard maybe me will find another
TeddyandSidney Jan 13 '15
Scurvy Crew are busy clearing snow from public paths and look for Gold Coins
AngelFinn Jan 16 '15
Ruby having fun in the snow!
AngelFinn Jan 16 '15
 I want Ruby to see how well I can do sledding!
AngelFinn Jan 16 '15
 I love being with Ruby!
Becks the sheepdog Jan 17 '15
The ship's carpenter has done an excellent job of repairing the fence after the winds last weekend.
boss dog
fang Jan 17 '15
the wind was not me i didn't have any beans hehehehehe 
Kenny and Dooli say, "Skippy, I hope you find a gold coin. We are helping our mom to find a new rose to plant in our garden next spring. We are rose shopping online for now." xoxoxo 
skippy roo Jan 20 '15
me is looking for coins hope you find your rose
TeddyandSidney Jan 30 '15
*Scooby clears paths of snow in the garden*
skippy roo Jan 30 '15
Me put a blanket on the veggies to keep them warm haha
AngelFinn Jan 30 '15
Walking in the garden with Ruby on a Saturday afternoon is so romantic 
Ohhh, that looks cold! We have some snow here too now, but not much. Less than one inch.

Here's a photo of the rose our mom found for next Spring. It's shade tolerant and so we hope it won't get that yucky black spot as badly.

TeddyandSidney Feb 10 '15
i am hanging red heart lights amongst the gardens trees. Red roses as fairy lights are threaded through the pagodas in the rose garden all for Valentines Day
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AngelFinn Feb 11 '15
I will bring Ruby her for a romantic walk! 
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ruby Feb 11 '15

TeddyandSidney Feb 12 '15
*Scooby places low light lanterns along the footpaths in readiness for dusk*
bar dogs
the Lanterns look lovely Scooby
TeddyandSidney Feb 14 '15
I am very pawleased how good the lanterns have turned out. very romantic for everypawdy
TeddyandSidney Feb 18 '15
I will plant some especially for you now. My pleasure
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