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TeddyandSidney Feb 20 '15
*Scooby checks seedlings are growing in Greenhouse*
skippy roo Feb 20 '15
Me has cut the grass & clean the path ways around the garden
Our mom is looking forward to the delivery of her new roses in April. It rained here today. First all that snow, and now rain. Crazy, but it's good for the grass and our garden. We are looking forward to planting new perennials in the Spring. 
AngelFinn Feb 20 '15
 I would love to help in the garden! I am very good at digging in the dirt.
TeddyandSidney Feb 21 '15
You have worked very well again Roo, here is this months pocket money
TeddyandSidney Feb 21 '15
Finn you are welcome to help in the garden. I could do with your stealth expertise and nimbleness around the rockery.
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skippy roo Feb 21 '15
good on ya Finn , with you helping around the garden me will have more time to do me Kanga brew roo hugs
TeddyandSidney Feb 22 '15
That sounds like a pawsome plan Roo
Sebastian Feb 24 '15
Beautiful flowers!!!!!
TeddyandSidney Feb 26 '15
*Scooby checks plant bulbs are peeking out of the soil*
AngelFinn Mar 2 '15
 *Finn looks and finds the garden is starting to come alive!  
TeddyandSidney Mar 3 '15
I am glad you are enjiying the garden Finn
AngelFinn Mar 6 '15
TeddyandSidney Mar 9 '15
The cherry blossom is looking really beautiful this year
boss dog
fang Mar 10 '15
i see the the daffs  and tulips are coming up nice
Dooli says, "Oh my doggness! So pretty. Makes me want to run right through the tulips!"

bar dogs
The garden is looking so lovely , great job gardener Scooby
boss dog
fang Mar 13 '15
looking good scooby but i bet he didn't notice them weeds of there hehehehe
bar dogs
we need green vegies for ST paddy's Gardener Scooby do you have any for Chef Meggsy
Kenny says, "I love tulips! I think I'll have a little nap next to them!" xoxoxo

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