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TeddyandSidney Mar 15 '15
*Scooby takes basket of fresh veggies to Chef Meggsy *
skippy roo Mar 17 '15
Me loves how you done the garden for the party's gardener Scooby , & guess what me has me own garden tools now will show you later 
TeddyandSidney Mar 17 '15
wow what a pawsome present you have got Roo, your own set of tools. Your veggie will be fandabydozy. pawsome !
skippy roo Mar 17 '15
me love me new garden tools
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TeddyandSidney Mar 20 '15
They are a fine set of Garden Tools Roo, pawfect for your veggie patch
boss dog
fang Mar 21 '15
i bet he just digs holes with them and blame me for the holes hehehehe
skippy roo Mar 21 '15
Me is filling in the holes you made Fang where you stash your food you pinch , you missed one & Dragon got the snags I found in it 
Kenny and Dooli say, "Oh we are so glad to see our friends working in the garden! It's that time of year here for us too! We helped mom with the porch rail riders today. Next it will be the big front window box. Have to get them filled with the potting mix."

Rangoon Mar 23 '15
Scooby, you've got to keep your eyes open in case Saba or Ture would walk in.

Saba is known to uproot fresh planted flowers and Ture knows not better use of fresh worked garden soil than to use it as a toilet. He roots up small flowers in the process.

skippy roo Mar 23 '15
Look what me made with me new garden tools
TeddyandSidney Mar 24 '15
Thats fantastic Roo
AngelFinn Mar 24 '15
Those are so cute Roo.

bar dogs
Well done Roo they r lovely
We will be going to the garden centers tomorrow and looking to see what they have! Mom's excited!
boss dog
fang Mar 27 '15
good can you bring me back some snacks back hehehehe
skippy roo Apr 14 '15
Me has started to make the hanging pot plants for the railway station 
Becks the sheepdog Apr 19 '15
The baskets made up by Skippy Roo look very fine at the station. Yesterday we had ideal gardening weather, so we cleaned up round the back of the kitchen too. The tubs could now do with some new bedding plants in them.
TeddyandSidney Apr 21 '15
I am going to decorate the garden with St Georges Day flags for Thursday
skippy roo Apr 27 '15
Me is working so hard keeping the garden looking nice until Gardener Scooby comes back
ruby May 8 '15
The gardens are looking beautiful Skippy you are doing a great job.
My dear Finn and I so enjoyed our afternoon walk
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