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bar dogs
The garden is looking good Skippy Gardener Scooby will be proud of you
skippy roo May 26 '15
Me is off to do some work in the gardens now
TeddyandSidney Jun 3 '15
The fairy lights look great in the garden at night
TeddyandSidney Jun 9 '15
*Scooby cuts bundles of lavender for The Smugglers Inn B and B*
Becks the sheepdog Jun 10 '15
*Meggsy brings a tray of coffees and biscuits into the garden for Scooby and Skippy's break time. Peace and quiet as Fang's away for the day. The veggy patch is looking good too*
TeddyandSidney Jun 10 '15
Ooohhh thank you Meggsy, that sure is well timed !
Becks the sheepdog Jun 11 '15
There's a lot of snoring coming from the garden shed, and I haven't seen Fang all morning. Could this be related?
TeddyandSidney Jun 11 '15
I think there is a connection LOL
Snoring? Maybe it's my mom. She snores. And she could be hiding from work...
skippy roo Jun 27 '15
Gardener Scooby's away , so me is the boss now for a couple of weeks , gunna get William out here weeding
TeddyandSidney Jun 27 '15
Good job Roo and Wiliam, the reports I am getting is you are both working hard !
Becks the sheepdog Jul 12 '15
The marquee is now ordered for next weekend's party, just in case we get the typical summer weather. The barbeque will also be ready and we find out just how good Skippy is at bricklaying.
Kenny says, "Oooo, a garden party? I hope I don't miss it. I love having cool drinks at a garden party!"
skippy roo Jul 13 '15
5 days to our big 2nd birthday party , me has lots to do , so me has to go
I like to visit the garden at night and see the lights.
AngelFinn Jul 18 '15
Finn is looking forward to the party and bringing Ruby.

Kenny says, "Is it time for the party?! It's dark here in Kansas, so I have to go to bed, but I will be back in the morning. I can't wait to see you all. I guess I'll bring Dooli too. Hope he doesn't eat all the food. You know how he is!" xoxoxo

TeddyandSidney Jul 19 '15
Roo and William have worked so hard to hang up all the fairy lights and Chinese lanterns.
bar dogs
Birthday BBQ , what a blasted every one is having so much fun , Tia & William r letting there hair down Think Skippy has had to much Kanga brew
Angel Meg and Sasha Jul 19 '15
Good afternoon everyone.  Happy birthday  .  Looks really good here with the lights, BBQ and food.  Now where is the Special Brew ?
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