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TeddyandSidney Jan 7 '16
oooh, thank heavens you are here Roo and can start tidying up the garden for the spring and make Uncle Scooby proud
AngelFinn Jan 19 '16
I would like to help as Ruby is going off for holiday and I will be quite lonely.  I am good at digging in the dirt.

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We will need lots of help Finn on the weekend to clean up the Garden , We are having a big BBQ Aussie style next Tuesday will put up a post soon telling every one whats it's for xxx
AngelFinn Jan 20 '16
ok , thank I will be there and look forward to it :)
TeddyandSidney Jan 22 '16
Oooohhhhhhhh Angel Uncle Scooby will be so proud and pawleased his pals are looking after the garden and pond until we are big enough. thank you
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Good work in the Garden Baby's & Finn , It's looking good for our Big BBQ on Tuesday
Ps Skippy Roo gone bush again for a few days
AngelFinn Jan 24 '16
 I am glad to help
Becks the sheepdog Jan 25 '16
It might still be January but we've the first daffodils flowering.
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TeddyandSidney Jan 27 '16
Oooh they look lovely Meggsy
AngelFinn Mar 5 '16
Hi I love working in the garden what needs to be done for spring clean up?
TeddyandSidney Mar 5 '16
We can reach the low down things, but can you help tie back the tulips a little so the wind won't blow them down. The sweet pea wigwams for them to grow up need putting out too, that would be fabulous.
AngelFinn Mar 7 '16
GREAT I love to help!!!
AngelFinn Mar 7 '16
 Where is the best place for the sweet pea wigwams??  
TeddyandSidney Mar 12 '16
the sweat pea wigwams will look wonderful next to the entrance of the vegetable patch, The flowers will be wonderful.
AngelFinn Mar 21 '16
I saw a bunny in the garden!
Becks the sheepdog Mar 21 '16
We have loads of wabbits on the field near me. None of them have any chocolate eggs though. It's going to be soon we need to start planting the vegetables.
TeddyandSidney Apr 8 '16
We have planted little seedlings in the Smugglers Inn veggie garden
Kenny says, "Wigwams? I love those things! I can't wait to sit next to the sweet pea wigwams!" xoxo

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William has taken over as head gardener , He will train Teddy & Sidney to help with the gardens , William has given Smugglers Inn a face lift , looks great doesn't 
TeddyandSidney Apr 10 '16
WOW it looks pawsome William. Will you check our seedlings are OK in our little pots please for the veggie patch?
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