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TeddyandSidney Nov 11 '16
Oooh found them !!! pawfection !!! Can make cup a soup !
TeddyandSidney Nov 20 '16
Corrrr so many leaves to sweep up today
AngelFinn Dec 3 '16
Tme to decorate the garden for the holidays.  Everything is very frosty
AngelFinn Dec 4 '16
The garden holiday lights are looking very nice
TeddyandSidney Dec 8 '16
The garden does look fabulously Christmassy and pretty. Thanks everypawdy for the help.
AngelFinn Dec 8 '16
 time for some Christmas Carols then we can go to the Inn for some warm drinks
bar dogs
Getting the Christmas Mail xxx
TeddyandSidney Dec 15 '16
The garden looks fantastic with all the twinkling lights and ribbons, its gonna be a pawsome Christmas
TeddyandSidney Jan 29 '17
Kevin our Tame Dragon looks fabulous in his Chinese costume
bar dogs
William , Teddy & Sidney 

Found some old chairs , They turned them into pot plant stands xxx

TeddyandSidney Jan 30 '17
Corrr those pot stands look pawfect !
TeddyandSidney Feb 13 '17
The heart shaped lanterns and tree lights look beautiful for Valentines Day. Mr Peacock has been very useful stringing them up through the trees.
TeddyandSidney Mar 3 '17
We have tidied up the Smugglers Inn Garden of loose leaves and branches so it looks smart for the weekend.
bar dogs
We will need some help for next week's St paddy's day party xxx 
TeddyandSidney Mar 9 '17
Mr Peacock and kevin the Tame Dragon are ready for the high decorations to be threaded through the trees.
bar dogs
Thank you Mr Peacock & Dragon xxx
boss dog
fang Mar 13 '17
best cut the grass for them two then i can go and read me paper through closed eyes hehe oops that was not grass heherhe
bar dogs
Are you sick Fang , doing work for a change , hehe 
TeddyandSidney Mar 15 '17
Think he's trying to get in the good books of the Easter Bunny
AngelFinn Apr 30 '17
 The gardens are looking so nice with Spring flowers 
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