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TeddyandSidney Apr 27 '14
*Kevin the Tame Dragon swims towards Skippy Roos feet, they smell tastey*
skippy roo Apr 28 '14
Eat my poo Dragon haha
TeddyandSidney Apr 28 '14
*Kevin The Dragon is a responsible Dragon and tidies up Skippy Roos mess and then writes Roo a Fine Ticket*
bar dogs
We have poop bags & scoops , at the pub
TeddyandSidney Apr 30 '14
Mommy got a funny cartoon on her FB page we could show here, sooooooo funny about poop bags !
Susie and Ashley, your garden is looking very pretty! We have some of our pots done up now. It's been cold here the last week though. When they fill out a little, we are gonna ask mom to take some photos. xoxoxo
bar dogs
Scooby , we saw that to we will share it now
TeddyandSidney May 1 '14
Daddy is guilty of the Fake Scooooop !!! Teeeee Heeeeee
bar dogs
Our pawrents forget some times hehe
skippy roo May 1 '14
Fang poop under one of your bushes in the garden & peed on the plants
TeddyandSidney May 1 '14
Video camera footage shows it wasnt Fang !! Want to confess anything Skippy Roo?
bar dogs
we r sending Skippy Roo over to the garden to mo the lawns while gardener Scooby is on holiday
skippy roo May 9 '14
ya , ya me been told all ready fair dinkum , me needs a rest from chasing the rug rats all over the yard
skippy roo May 14 '14
hopping along singing a song , Fang got flees & he pees on the plants hahaha  
We helped mom pot up some more herbs toda! 
  IMG_20140517_141511_727.jpg (1435.5Kb)
  IMG_20140517_142701_801~2.jpg (785.02Kb)
  IMG_20140517_141458_841.jpg (1510.6Kb)
TeddyandSidney May 17 '14
*Scooby waters hanging baskets before it gets too hot today*
bar dogs
lovely plants Kenny
bar dogs
glad your back Scooby , we been flat out looking after the garden while you were away
TeddyandSidney May 18 '14
You did a really good job too.
Thank you Tia and Buddy! Another nice day here. Lots of humans out in their yards. Mom is doing some house work, dad went to see Godzilla with some friends, and we are helping mom. She has most of the pots all done up now, but of course she has a few sees left over. We are trying to help her figure out what to do with them. xoxox 
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