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Dad bought mom some LED lights for her fountain and pots! 
  IMG_20140519_210307.jpg (76.65Kb)
  IMG_20140519_210230.jpg (243.04Kb)
skippy roo May 19 '14
Me like them lights me can C the frogs at night now so me can chase them haha
I wonder if we will get some toads here in our yard again like we did last year? 
skippy roo May 22 '14
hopping along singing a song Fang got fleas & he done a wee on the plants Me said BOO  & he poohed his pants  hahaha
bar dogs
That's not nice Skippy
TeddyandSidney May 23 '14
Skippy is soooooo naughty !
Its a beautiful morning here. For now, anyway. Going to get more clouds and rain today. We have been potting up the last of mom's herbs and seed flowers. The temps have been warm, but tolerable for Shelties. 
TeddyandSidney May 27 '14
What a beautiful picture of a wonderful garden
Thank you. It's small, but it's enough for mom and us pups. Here's the birds getting a snack!

bar dogs
Lovely Garden Kenny
bar dogs
We were looking out the window saw Skippy Roo in the veggie patch again naughty Roo
skippy roo May 27 '14
Me not pinching veggies just smelling them
TeddyandSidney May 28 '14
*Mr Peacock and Kevin The Tame Dragon watch Skippy Roo *sniffing* the veggies*
skippy roo May 28 '14
Fang chasing the ducks , me no lie he put pic up of it
Here's some weird night time shots taken on the porch with mom's LED lights she found in the closet. These are the kind that come with gifts and balloons and such.

TeddyandSidney May 31 '14
Ooh they look cool
skippy roo Jun 1 '14
Fang's got pesky bird tied up & he put him in the bin
TeddyandSidney Jun 1 '14
*Mr Peacock knows Magicians trick and unties himself and removes himself from bin. Now hes looking for Roo*
In the bin?? Oh, no! But I see, you got away! Yaay!! 
TeddyandSidney Jun 12 '14
*Scooby hangs up World Cup bunting between trees*
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