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shadowbobbi Mar 22 '14

Pet rodents

Understanding pet rodents' needs

The biology and behaviour of many pet rodents is similar to that of their wild cousins. This means they have very complex needs, so looking after them well can be challenging.

From mice and rats to gerbils and chinchillas, rodents have very different needs so it’s important to research what your particular small furries need.

As with all our pet care advice, our rodent section has been written and is regularly reviewed by experts, to ensure we bring you the latest, the most ingenious and the downright essential information on your rodent of choice. So please keep checking back to burrow through the latest information!

Some rodents that are kept as pets are classified as 'non-domestic' animals and meeting their specific needs can be very difficult. Read our pet care advice on degus and chipmunks by clicking on the care sheets on the right.


Your duty to care

Owning and caring for a pet rodent is great fun and very rewarding, but it is a big responsibility and commitment in terms of care and finances.  If you own or are responsible for a pet, even on a temporary basis, you are required by law to care for it properly.