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skippy roo Feb 20 '15
It was Fang me c him run in the kitchen with muddy paws
AngelFinn Feb 20 '15
 I heard that you had some fish?  I do enjoy fish :)
Becks the sheepdog Mar 3 '15
Now I did ask for some potatoes, I would have normally expected just a sack, but it seems I must have got Fang's delivery as well. Now I know that St Patrick's Day is approaching, but really not quite as many dishes need as many as these.
bar dogs
It's Skippy Roo Birthday on St Paddy's Day Chef Meggsy , can you bake a cake for him & there will be a St Paddy's day party & Roo's Party we will have them both together Thanks xx
AngelFinn Mar 5 '15
That sounds like fun. I can not wait for Skippy Roo's party!
boss dog
fang Mar 13 '15
any chances of dinner please meggsy hehehehe 
Becks the sheepdog Mar 13 '15
Steak and Kidney pie with peas, carrots and mashed potato do you? Just place your order at the bar.
boss dog
fang Mar 13 '15
my mouth is watering can i have it now

bar dogs
Chef Meggsy , can you make a St Paddy's day menu & a green birthday cake for Skippy for the 17th for St paddys day , party at the pub
TeddyandSidney Mar 15 '15
Here are some fresh veggies for you Chef Meggsy
Becks the sheepdog Mar 17 '15
Phew, so busy almost forgot to give you the menu;

St Patrick's Day Feast.

Galway Bay Oysters with Irish Stout
Pea and Ham Soup
Roast Vegetable pockets in filo pastry

Main Course
Irish Stew with Mutton served with mashed potatoes
Roast Side of Beef with roast potatoes and garden vegetables
Atlantic Cod served in white wine sauce with creamed vegetables and new potatoes

Apple and Blackberry pie with custard
Fresh fruit selection
The cheese board with a selection of cheeses and different biscuits

The Bar
Kanga Brew, Guinness and wines from our extensive cellar.

Coffee from our resident Barista, that's if he's not had too much before any wants a coffee.

Note to Fang : There isn't an "and" option for the courses tonight, as we don't want to have to take an ill Great Dane down to the Vet's tommorow morning!

The Aspirins are in the Kitchen First Aid box before anyone asks on Wednesday for one.

boss dog
fang Mar 17 '15
fang sits down puts his napkin on and licks his chops and says brig it on hehehehehe
shadowbobbi Mar 17 '15
shadow will have the galway oysters, the roast beef and the apple and black berry pie, and a kanga brew

bobbi will have galway oyster, atlantic cod and the cheese board, with a kanga brew please

skippy roo Mar 17 '15
me had the best birthday party ever thanks for all the yummy food , every one liked me green kanga brew & me love me birthday cake thanks me chef & Tia
Becks the sheepdog Mar 20 '15
It's just a buffet tonight, I'm planning a spring menu.
boss dog
fang Mar 20 '15
i be ok for a plate of sandwiches then hehehehehe
skippy roo Mar 21 '15
me chef has gone & me has locked the kitchen so you miss out Fang Hahaha
Becks the sheepdog Apr 2 '15
New spring menu includes, um, er, rabbit pie.
boss dog
fang Apr 2 '15
how about a nice Shepperd's pie mmmmmmmmm 
Becks the sheepdog Apr 2 '15
Can't get the shepherds Fang. I'm sure the chicken and mushroom pie will be quite acceptable, and we've also the breaded plaice on the menu today.
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