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Becks the sheepdog Nov 20 '15
We have the nice smoked haddock on the menu tonight, served with some nice vegetables and mashed potatoes, and some nice hot desserts like treacle sponge with custard. Is that okay?
AngelFinn Nov 25 '15
Sounds great !  Can we have 2 servings please!
Becks the sheepdog Nov 25 '15
Sounds like you were hungry then Finn. Next Friday is fish night, we're doing Stargazy Pie amongst other dishes.
AngelFinn Nov 27 '15
Yummmy!  I would like to have the fish please and Ruby would like the Stargazy pir thanks!!
Becks the sheepdog Nov 27 '15
Stargazy Pie seems popular, there's been a long list of orders from all the cats. Plenty of other fish dishes here too.
Becks the sheepdog Nov 29 '15
Sunday evening with the weather as it is outside is busy. One would guess none of them will be in a hurry to leave, the dessert menu has been circulated and tonight's specials are Apple and Blackberry Crumble with either ice cream or custard, and Lemon meringue pie.
shadowbobbi Nov 29 '15
apple and blackberry crumble with custard for us please meggsy
Becks the sheepdog Dec 4 '15
The Christmas menu is being planned here. In the meantime, we've made some mice pies here for you all to try.
boss dog
fang Dec 4 '15
me first me first hehehehehehe mmmmmmmmmmmm
AngelFinn Dec 8 '15
I would like to bring Ruby here for a special Christmas dinner 
Becks the sheepdog Jan 24 '16
Big food order in for Tuesday night's Aussie style BBQ. I think, after seeing weather forecast, that we ought to hire a marquee.
Becks the sheepdog Mar 4 '16
Crumbs, we've sold out of the hot soup and crusty bread rolls. Everyone's come in to warm up today and toast their toes in front of the fire. There's some Steak Pie and the Lasagne left though, so noone is going to be hungry tonight. Plus I don't think that barrel of Kanga's "Winter Warmer" is going to last much longer - and Fang's on his fifth pint.
AngelFinn Mar 5 '16
Everything is so yummyy!  I think I gained a few pounds !
TeddyandSidney Mar 12 '16
Mmmmmmm this pup portion Menu has a wonderful choice of meals
Becks the sheepdog Mar 13 '16
We've rolled out a pup breakfast this morning, sausage, bacon, egg, mushrooms, tomato and a couple of slices of toast.
TeddyandSidney Mar 14 '16
Corrrrr this is fabulous, thank you Chef Meggsy
Becks the sheepdog Apr 21 '16
Teddy and Sidney have had the steak and kidney pudding tonight with roast potatoes and a few vegetables. Followed by the doggy chocolate sponge and custard. Washed down with the chilled spring water. On the other hand, Fang's just had the leftovers in a bucket and sunk two pints of Kanga Brew before falling asleep in front of the log fire in the bar.
boss dog
fang May 16 '16
tum tum tum tum put that on the cooker now where is the ketchup hehehehehe mmmmm that smells nice
Becks the sheepdog May 16 '16
Oh dear, what's Fang trying to cook now? He's put a pie from the freezer in the oven and turned the fryer on. Maybe he's fancying Chicken & Mushroom pie and chips?
boss dog
fang May 16 '16
coor look at all this mess meggsy is going to do her nut she has all ready save me tea now what to do i know run then blame the pups for the mess hehehe 

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