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shadowbobbi Jul 30 '16
great job becks, meggsy has taught you well 
Becks the sheepdog Jul 31 '16
We've been working hard today, Becks has done the roast potatoes, most of the vegetables and of course if you have had the roast beef she made the gravy in the proper way using the meat juices.
boss dog
fang Jul 31 '16
ive come back for 2nds it was nice 
TeddyandSidney Aug 1 '16
Thank you for our pup portion sizes, they were yummy.
TeddyandSidney Aug 6 '16
Room for two pup sized Sunday roasts today please Chef Meggsy and Sous Chef Becks?? We will be working in the village and the gardens today sprucing up the hanging baskets and potted plants as its so hot here.
Becks the sheepdog Aug 6 '16
We have a table for you at one o'clock for the roast dinner today.
TeddyandSidney Aug 8 '16
Corrrrrrrrrrrrr thank you soooooooo much
AngelFinn Aug 9 '16
Hello could you bake a special cake for Ruby ?  Her birthday is on Thursday!!
bar dogs
We have left a note for Chef Meggsy , to bake a birthday cake for ruby xxx
Becks the sheepdog Aug 9 '16
Mixing the cake together today for Ruby.
AngelFinn Aug 10 '16
Thanks so much!
ruby Aug 13 '16
Thanks so much Meggsy everyone just loved it.

TeddyandSidney Aug 13 '16
Two pup sized roast dinners today pawlease Chef Meggsy and Sous Chef Becks
Becks the sheepdog Aug 13 '16
Teddy and Sidney, you can have your usual table again. Roast Pork with all the trimmings and of course lots of crunchy crackling.
boss dog
fang Aug 14 '16
one fang sitting up at the table waiting hehehehehe

Becks the sheepdog Aug 14 '16
It's funny, we don't even have to get the food on the plates before Fang turns up. He went for the steak and kidney pudding, followed by the syrup sponge and custard. Teddy and Sidney ate all their roast pork, green beans, carrots and roast potatoes with gravy, apple sauce and crackling followed by the blackberry and apple crumble with ice cream - we guess they were hungry.
boss dog
fang Aug 14 '16
they hungry i'm still a growing lad hehehehehe
TeddyandSidney Aug 15 '16
Corrrrr thank you Chef Meggsy we full up now !!!!!
boss dog
fang Aug 15 '16
im not pleases miss can i have some more 
Becks the sheepdog Aug 15 '16
Why not go and have fish and chips at your shop?
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