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TeddyandSidney Nov 8 '16
We have collected this months Cooking Monthly for you Becks from the corner shop. The special recipe is Scotch Broth.
Becks the sheepdog Nov 9 '16
Ooh sounds interesting. There's a big pile of vegetables to get through and a big pot in the kitchen. That's after I've finished the bacon sandwiches of course.
TeddyandSidney Nov 11 '16
the Scurvy Pirate Crew are free to help do the veggies
Becks the sheepdog Nov 13 '16
Sunday evening food now finished preparation, we have some nice roast beef dinners on their way and also some pasta dishes for those who want a change.
TeddyandSidney Nov 13 '16
The Pirate Scurvy Crew are ready for washing up duty.
TeddyandSidney Nov 20 '16
We wonder if Chef Becks will make us some elevenses later as we will be leaf sweeping, we do hope so
Becks the sheepdog Nov 20 '16
I think that a few sandwiches and a pile of sausage rolls fresh out of the oven may help.
TeddyandSidney Nov 21 '16
Corrr this is yummy yummy, thank you.
bar dogs
Come & get your hot drinks & sit by the fire xxx
AngelFinn Dec 9 '16
 so nice
Becks the sheepdog Dec 9 '16
It's damp outside so we've some soup and crusty rolls with butter to warm you all up.
shadowbobbi Dec 9 '16
Thank you becks, this soup is lovely
Becks the sheepdog Dec 10 '16
There's another batch of mince pies coming out of the oven soon. I don't suppose they'll last very long. Fortunately for everyone else, Fang is sleeping after coming back from town on the train and Christmas shopping. He had eight sausage rolls from the buffet in the bar, the last of the sandwiches and two pints of Christmas Ale.
TeddyandSidney Dec 10 '16
The hot drinks and mince pies are PAWSOME !
Becks the sheepdog Dec 16 '16
Plaice fillets in breadcrumbs, served with fresh vegetables and chips, followed by a slice of Bakewell Tart with fresh cream washed down by a mug of tea each for Teddy and Sidney for lunch.
TeddyandSidney Dec 16 '16
WOW that was pawsome lunch, need a sleep by the fire now
Becks the sheepdog Dec 17 '16
Sunday morning breakfasts will be ready shortly, all the usual fayre, and the coffee machine is switched on.
Becks the sheepdog Dec 20 '16
The Christmas cake is now iced, and locked away from Fang! Tonight's chicken and mushroom pie has all gone with the rhubard crumble and custard. Even more surprising is that "Rudolf's Ruin" yuletide ale is on draught and the bar staff have been getting plenty of exercise on the hand pump serving it.
AngelFinn Dec 24 '16
Everything sounds so yummy!
Becks the sheepdog Dec 24 '16
If we see another potato to peel or bit of veg to prepare I'll go crazy. However I've persuaded the Scurvy Crew's cook to help with a couple of bottles of rum and enough curry, onion bhajis, chapatis and mango lassi to give the crew a good Christmas Eve dinner. They'll be joining us tommorow of course.
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